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Wireless Web (wap) Testers Wanted


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Prior to Jeremy's recent provision of WAP access to geocaching.com, I had been working on a cellphone interface for fast cache and TB lookups. It's been live for a few weeks now, and works well. For me, at least. But I need more people to try it out and report back.


This may live on in the longer term as an alternative wireless web interface for (at least) my own use, but I suspect Jeremy's main site will eventually catch up if not overtake it in terms of capabilities. Where this one differs though, is that I am in Canada and will be optimising it for use in our environment where possible.


What's it good for?


1. Cache lookups and searches while travelling with only a GPSr and a cellphone. Search by Lat/Lon, owner, postal code (or zip), or proximity to a known GCxxxx waypoint.

2. Paperless caching -- at 2 cents/page, Telus users may find it cheaper than taking along cache printouts.

3. Travel bug lookups while at the cache, to help decide whether to take the bug or not.




4. Log a cache from the field.

5. ???


Currently the site formats pages slightly differently according to handset type: one version for Nokia browsers, and another version tailered for OpenWave browsers. Most Telus phones use OpenWave. The site also automatically detects the max transmission size for a given handset, and breaks pages up accordingly. So older handsets receive smaller chunks, and newer ones (with bigger buffers) might typically get an entire cache page in one lump sum. With Telus, it's 2 cents per page, regardless of bytecount..


Anyway, I'd like another tester or twenty to help me out.


If you are interested, drop me a SHORT email, and I'll send you the URL. I'd love to post it here, but until I get formal permission from the geocaching.com Gods, it's best that it be kept semi-private.




mlord (Mark)

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My GeoCache Portal (for wireless handset users) has now been updated to include LOGIN capability. If you trust me enough to enter your geocaching.com userid/passwd, my server feeds it to geocaching.com and gets a cookie back, which is then sent to your phone. The userid/passwd are not kept anywhere for any pupose.


Why login? Well, it's optional, so ignore it if you like. But if you do login, then all cache searches automatically do a "filter finds" -- weeding out your own caches and those you've already logged. If you don't want to filter, then don't log in!


Coming someday.. "Log Cache.."



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Sounds like a cool idea.


I presently have a laptop with me that has a wireless card in it so I usually find hot spots while I cache anyhow. Type my logs in word perfect and then copy and paste them to the Geocacging.com site ;)


Keep us informed on how the portal thingy goes :D



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You probably need to force your phone's browser to RELOAD the page (do this on the main menu of the site). After that, it should all work well again.


Also, I just now fixed the "log a cache" feature -- was slightly broken for the past week, works again now (I just logged in and logged a find with it a few minutes ago).


And one more bugfix: the login function should also now be working for HTML users (eg. Palm Tungsten).



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