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Alligator Got Ya?

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Whew, it's been a long wait while the wonderful guys at Groundspeak have been working hard at bringing the forums back. Although I'm usually a lurker, I've been having withdrawal symptoms!


But this time I have to come on-line and ask this question of all the hams who have been around a while.


Repeaters typically have a set time for a single transmission. When you exceed that time, the repeater times out. One repeater here gives a very evil laugh when that happens.


When that happens, folks say, "Whoops, the alligator got ya!" ;)


So why is it an alligator? I have the impression that this expression has been around a long time. Anyone know where it came from?




spiderteam KD7UEC

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I have never heard of "alligator" referring to a repeater--it might just be a local thing.


The term "alligator" has been used a long time to describe a ham who frequently calls CQ, but doesn't answer replies to his calls--all mouth, no ears=alligator.



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Roger the "ALL MOUTH AND NO EARS!" That is an alligator. And folks have just used that as slang as long as I can remember.


About 20+ years ago I new a fellow. They called him Jimmy Jaws. Although he is dead now, I will not post his call. One night he was on a long winded transmission on 146.52 simplex when a storm took the power out. From that point on it was commonly said that Jimmy Jaws talked simplex off the air. ;)


I guess that is about the biggest alligator story I know.

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