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Tb Wants To Go To Eugene!


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I'm not sure where you are located but last week we had a Eugene Cache Machine here. Several Portland cachers traveled down for the weekend. And in the next week or so we should be seeing some of the PDX cachers (probably Soup and Geonap & Geodiva). So, if you are up North you could contact one of them and they can help you out.


~Amy of FoF

(Eugene, Oregon)

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LOL! That's why I didn't take them at the event that night Soup. I did pay for the cans though (the FOF's and the other Eugene cachers are repaying). :)


I didn't think I would have room for them, my dogs, and all my junk. I ESPECIALLY don't think I would have had room after looking at how FULL that truck and jeep were! I know the FOF's are still planning on coordinating pickup with you.


So how does your garage look filled with ammo cans? :)

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