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Caching Karma Stick


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I've recently commisioned an official El Diablo walking stick! But this isn't just any stick... this is the Caching Karma Stick! It holds the key to our, and possibly your, Caching Karma.


Instead of simply having the stick shipped to us, I thought it would be fun to have the stick walk home! Needless to say, I'm going to need the help of other cachers between North Carolina and Cleveland to help me out. Although, the most direct route doesn't have to be the route taken.


Since I don't want to trust our Caching Karma to just anyone, I would rather not leave this stick just sitting in the woods. I really hope I can get folks to meet at a cache and exchange the stick. There will be a travel bug inlayed into the stick, so we should be able to track it like any other bug.


Please check out the TB Page and let me know if you're willing to help. ;)


Oh yeah, a special thanks to El Diablo for making the stick and being willing to be the first to hand it off.


Admins... Wasn't sure if this should be in the TB section or not. Decided that it is part TB and part experiment. If you do decide to move it to the TB section, please give it a little while so I can get some exposure.

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There's already a method in place for persons handing off an item to another then another then another sometimes taking roundabout ways and often taking months. It's called the Postal Service ;)

Yeah, but would that be a fun and unique way to receive the staff?


Why, no! No it wouldn't! ;)

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Wow, I'm really glad there some real interest!


It isn't that I'm cheap I don't want to use the postal service... I just don't think it would help anyone's Karma to be used in a disgruntled employee rampage. (Sorry USPS employees... these jokes have to be getting old)


El Diablo… I think your right, I will post in local forums and Email some local groups between you and I.


I will think of a way to mark down everyone interested in helping.

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I think I may put a list of everyone who is willing to help out there. Do you don't think anyone will have a problem with that?


Probably the easiest way is to simply put the list on the TB page and link to peoples profiles... so they can use the anonymous email feature of this board.

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Thanks Sparky, but I'm not really sure when in January the stick will be completed... if it can be arranged I don't see why not. Wouldn't want to mess with anyone's karma :mad:


Thanks Darlene... I will put you down. Thanks a lot for sharing with your group too!


Editited the date

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Yeah, good Karma already! Dec. 30 is my birthday! What a great day for the Karma Stick to start its journey! My team can come from VA to to a cache (an easy one :D ) in NC near VA off I85 or I95 to pick up the Karma Stick and get it to VA for its next leg. Especially if it is before Jan. 5 when we have to go back to work! Hopefully it will come our way...Just let us know. This will be fun and probably good promotion for El Diablo too! I have a feeling once I see and get my hands on the Karma Stick, El Diablo will have another order :D



CraZy Cache

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The countdown begins for the release of the Caching Karma Stick! Which way will it go?

Good question... Jerry, have you figured out the person you will hand off to first?

Not yet...but it's almost done. Should be ready to go tomorrow night. I'll put some feelers out for the locals. We need to get the trip mapped out.


El Diablo

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Thanks, I think I got everyone who has enlisted. We could still use some folks in West Virginia though.


Some of the first pics have come in. As expected, El Diablo is living up to his high quality standards. Can't wait to see how the inlayed TB works out ;)



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