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Abandoned cache!

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I recently did geocache by starfish-medic:




Note he has 0 finds/1 hide.

Well the coordinates for the cache are 0.25 miles off. It has been mentioned in several posts that the coordinates are off, but I didn't load up all the logs to find out myself (I don't need no stinkin hints). Anyway, I emailed the owner 2 weeks ago and haven't heard from him. I think I can safely say that it's abandoned. I'm not sure I want to take ownership, as it's 79 miles from where I live. However, it's a neat cache in good shape and I just want the coordinates changed.


First, it's safe to say it's abandoned, right?

Second, is there a way I can get the moderators to change the coordinates without assuming ownership?


I guess I could post in the region and see if someone would be willing to take it over.




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At two weeks, I wouldn't quite claim that it's abandoned.


Here's my experience. I had two local caches that were seemingly abandoned, so I emailed the owners, each twice, and never heard back in a month (more or less, this was a while ago). So I sent one last email to each of them indicating that I intended to adopt the caches because the caches were abandoned and they (the owners) were gone. The next day I had an email from both the owners saying they were still around and wanted to keep their caches.


Well.. that was about eight months ago... and neigher one of the owners has yet done anything with their caches (although I managed to wraggle ownership of one of them...)


So, the moral is this. It probably is abandoned, but the owner might still be around, believe it or not. If the owner is around, you might try suggesting to them that adoption is an option.


You'll have to actively work to get someone to adopt the cache. Post in the regional forums asking for a volunteer.


Then it's up to that volunteer to get Jeremy to transfer ownership to that owner.


I recommend doing the work though... abandoned caches are bad, not only for individual geocachers who go out to look for that mess, but it gives geocaching a bad name when a land manager sees what we do with our toys.



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two weeks kinda on the short end, and like has been pointed out, maybe the placer is around they are just not very "active".

if you cant get ahold of the owner maybe you can find another cache closer to the cache who would be willing to adapt the cache, then you can sent a letter to jeremy explaining whats going on and hopefully between you and the hope new cache owner you can get the cache "up to par".



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