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Fair Weather Cachers??


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I don't know the rest icon_confused.gificon_confused.gif


But yeah, nothing will stop me. I love the outdoors regardless of the weather. I would have to say the weather that bothers me the most is when its windy. I don't like the wind. Weird I know. I have cached in the rain plenty of times and can't wait to go in the snow.



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This was one of my very first questions way back. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt far more when it's crappy out. Scratch that, when the weather conditions are poor. In fact, the worse the weather the MORE fun in my opinion. Sorry to all who's ammo cans filled with rain while I was writing in the log book......

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I'm with you all. Bad weather adds to the challenge of the hunt. Same thing with night caching. There's an extra thrill when you find a cache, or go camping, or reach the top of a mountain, when the conditions are adverse. Blowing rain or darkness can turn a 1/1 cache into a nightmare. I like it when I stay dry, warm and happy regardless of the conditions... a little reward for good preparation and equipment.


Now, I try not to go after the caches with the especially scenic views ... save them for the sunny days... that is a different thrill.


Once I run out of caches nearby, I may go back to some of the rainouts or night time hunts just to see what the place is supposed to look like.


Can't wait for SNOW!



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Originally posted by BrownMule:

not Rain, nor Snow, nor Sleet or Hail... Well you know the rest.




Here's the rest. It's engraved on the main General Post OFfice in Manhattan on the top of the building and runs an entire block:-


"Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these courageous couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds"


Most people think they are describing the postman but actual it's a tribute to Stayfloopy, CCC and Basoonpilot!



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It depends on the cache as to if weather is an enhancement or not...


If it's just one of those standard cache by a river type of placements, and the river might be running a bit high due to the rain, yeah that adds to the challenge. Mud is a definite plus for me!


If it's to a very scenic area, one where I might be able to snap some great shots... then I like for the weather to be good and the sun to be out.


As the scouts say... a little "liquid sunshine" doesn't hurt anybody.

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The main consideration is travel safety. If there has been snow or ice and the roads have not been ploughed yet then it might not be a good idea to go caching. Otherwise, I've gone out with snowshoes before and had a fine time. Rain and cold in New Jersey are rarely severe enough to prevent one from caching if one has the will to do it. I have been in much heavier rain at Virginia Beach / Norfolk and that still did not make the caches any more difficult to find, although I would have loved to sit out on the lake platform at North Landing a bit longer.

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just look at my current avatar, and check my logs for the last couple of days.


Oh but I do find one problem caching in the rain, my glasses fog up, must switch over to the contact lenses for rainy days.


Cache you later,



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One of my first cache-a-thons (12 in an afternoon) was done in really lousy weather. It rained so much people were building arks. I almost got struck by lightning close to a cache. I'm probably crazy, but had a great time!

That being said, nice weather makes it more enjoyable. Especially if the family is along. icon_smile.gif

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light rain, no prob. moderate rain, I'll go for easy finds. Downpour? I'm not THAT crazy (yet).


Cold weather, haven't cached in that yet, but there's probably some point where it would be too cold for me to go after even a 1/1.... I'd be worried about the GPS. (last year I had my HP Jornada in my coat pocket for over an hour in cold weather, and I had to hard-reboot it after thawing it for a few hours)


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Cold weather, haven't cached in that yet, but there's probably some point where it would be too cold for me to go after even a 1/1.... I'd be worried about the GPS.


I belive I read somwehere that the operational range for a Garmin went down to 5 degrees F. For Magellan, I think was 15 degrees F.


I guees you can get around this by keeping it inside your jacket, but it woule be a pain to have to wait for a sat. lock every time you take the thing out.


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I usually go caching with one or both of my kids (3 and 5), so I think I'd be a lot more intrepid if that wasn't the case. Rain and cold don't generally bother me.


Another thing to mention in NJ summers is HEAT and HUMIDITY. I made the mistake of going with my 5-year old to our first cache on a day in early July when it was in the 90s and about 137% humidity. Fortunately we were under tree cover and it wasn't too hard a find, but in hindsight it wasn't too bright.



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I don't generally plan caching when the weather is lousy....gotta save some time to do the dreaded household chores. This weekend is looking like it's going to be a miserable one around here...I've got indoor chores planned... but they get real boring... if I can figure out a way to do a chore near a cache and sneak one in then I'm a happy camper. Now if I had a day of caching planned and the weather blew in ... hell with it...not going to let that ruin my day. It's one of those things that if I'm in the mood and it's raining...oh well be prepared to get wet....but I also try to plan my downtime so that it helps free me up when it clears.

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