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Wildlife while Caching

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We have found some more photos of animals. The first is a Bearded Dragon we passed on the way to a cache in South Australia. The dragon gets its name from the loose fold of skin around its throat and when frightened it inflates this fold of skin to form a rigid beard, hence the name Bearded Dragon.

The bird is a Royal Spoonbill and is quite common around Sydney’s rivers and creeks.

The third photo is of a Koala near one of our caches.






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Here are a few birds we ran across hiking this weekend in McKinney Falls State Park in Austin, TX. I think they are doves. Notice anything strange? They are plastic decoys. Note also the Home Depot bucket hanging in the tree - didn't dare look inside for fear of what might be in there. Further down the trail, there were 2 plastic deer decoys, then an owl, then another bird... Reported them all to the Ranger's office. I think they were placed there by someone trying to be funny, or just silly, as opposed to for poaching, but either way, I doubt they are welcome in the park.odd.jpg <BR><BR>

Pics of the deer at http://tinyurl.com/l26y

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I was looking for a place to hide a cache in Brooklyn, NYC and found 3 "wild" African green parrots. Two were flying around squawking and cutting branches from a tree for a nest; the 3rd was squawking in the nest. Amazing that birds from Africa have handled the minus 0 weather we've had around here lately and are actually breeding.


Alan <_<:D



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For wildlife stories, this one is the best I have ever read.  Scroll down to Jan 22. (Sorry, I don't know how to go right to that posting.)  Sorry Criminal, I this one tops even your prose.  (Or was this originally from you?)

I remember that one as well! It went out on my email distribution list the same day.

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Although I never saw it, while out caching I got the feeling I was being watched. Stalked, rather. Then I found cougar tracks. A little bit later I found fairly recent deer remains. Finally, on the way out, I read a sign warning of cougar sightings in the area.


I suppose if I had seen this guy, I wouldn't have been posting here. <_<

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At my cache, Elk Hollow in Lone Elk Park, cachers are always giving animal sighting in the logs. Of course, the elk feature promently, and you can hike among them, tho they mostly avoid you. We saw a flock of wild turkeys, about 8 of them, on the day we placed the cache. Then there's this guy, picture posted to the logs by Wooly Bugger and Bean. The buffalo are in a spearate part of the park from the cache, and visitors must stay in their cars in that section. Not sure how to post a link, so here's the url. Sorry for my ignorance. I'd look it up, but I'm out of time today.



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