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What is this?


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The last month or so, we have seen some weird little bugs? or something on branches. They look like little cotton puffs? Little bugs waving their fluffy behinds? We come to a branch with them, shake it, and they start wiggling, shaking, etc.? Here is a link to one of our caches where someone has posted some pictures of these things...as well as a note because I can't figure out how to post a picture to the forums......




As we walk the trail and we see a blue/black leaf patch on the ground, beware of these little, white, floating things...!! What are they?

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As I recall, we had those bugs here (central Illinois) about 10 years ago. They pretty much wiped out all the white birch trees. Maybe it's a different bug, but it sounds the same. I remember they also left a stringy white residue everywhere they went.




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Very strange looking bugs. I did a Google search and came up with this. Apparently they are not good for the tree:


Beech decline involves a scale insect (which in itself does not seem to affect the tree's health) and a fungus called Nectria coccinea faginata (which is the cause of the disfigurement and death of large trees). The scale insect populations consist only of females, which are wingless and covered by white, wool-like threads. The immature scale insects (known as crawlers) are dispersed by the wind, and are typically found in small concentrations in bark crevices. In peak years, however, the insects can cover the trunks like a woolly blanket. The insect uses its sucking mouthpart to feed off the rich inner bark (cambium) of large beeches. In the process, it transfers the fungus, which--at present--can't be controlled once it has infected the tree.


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Originally posted by Acceptable Risk:

Nuke the site from orbit... It's the only way to be sure...


Bonus points for whoever recognizes the movie icon_smile.gif





"Aliens" Baby! Directed by James Cameron, one of the few sequels that surpasses the origional movie.


And 'bout the bugs. I concurr. They look like they're taking over. I'd carefully torch that thing(nature's nuke).

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