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How to avoid ticks.

Eric K
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I haven't gotten any yet but I see quit a few posts where people have picked up ticks.


Does DEET/Off work against ticks? If not what is the best way to avoid them? I have a feeling if my wife got a tick that would be her last time geocaching! icon_biggrin.gif

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Apply insect repellant, specifically the brands designed to repel ticks. Follow label instructions. Avoid use of DEET-containing repellants on children. You may apply some repellants directly to your skin and others to clothing.


DEET-containing repellants with concentrations of 15% or less may be suitable for children. These should be carefully applied strictly following label directions.


Repellants containing permethrins may be applied to clothing but never to skin.


In high tick areas, DEET-containing repellants may need to be reapplied more frequently than for repelling mosquitoes. Follow the package label.


Slightly off topic.....


A good way to repel chiggers is to dust your socks and pant legs with sulpher.

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I don't know other than not going! I went and had 3 on me so far this year. I wear deep woods off, long pants, and a long sleeve shirt but the temps have been high so I am tying short sleeve. I plan on going to REI to get outfitted with long sleeve items that I can wear in hot weather. There has to be someway to avoid these critters! I am interested in other responses.

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Originally posted by wcgreen:

I find wearing shorts lets me notice ticks better--I can feel them climbing up my legs. I spotted three that way yesterday.


This is why I often geocache in the nude!




(Always trade UP in both quantity and quality and Geocaches will be both self-sustaining and self-improving!)

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DaMama & I came out of the woods one morning with bunches and bunches of ticks, we picked em off us for about ten minutes. I came home and did a search and found this.




I've tried it a couple of times in the same area and no ticks. I can't promise it will work like that everytime and for everyone but I was happy with it. And no deet. Food for thought.


...Cache Responsible & may all your birds be in view...

...Faithwalker & DaMama...

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I don't know how much truth there is in this but I will say it anyways. I hear that the edges of trails are the worse place to be because the ticks climb on the grass (weeds) that is at the edge and wait for something to pass by. So the narrower trails result in more ticks than the wider trails (I don't know if being off the trail would result in less ticks or not, but thats what I heard and I am not sure if I belive it).


Wyatt W.


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I've heard (but haven't tried) that masking tape sticky side out or some other sticky around your socks or pantlegs will trap the little boogers. Repellant is good for keeping them away, but I've had them literally falling like rain from the trees. Ugh. Perhaps a shoulder-mounted umbrella?

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They hang out in leaf litter and undergrowth waiting for something to brush up against them. Then they start to climb, slowly, up in a spiral. They can't jump, up or down. You have to come into contact with them.




That means we have to start planting our caches right in the middle of wide trails, if we hope to avoid these little nasties. icon_wink.gif

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How to avoid ticks............get some bug spray or stay on the open paths. No really, depending on how thick your woods are, they may be no stopping them. However, my grandma says to put a moth ball in your pants legs seam and the chiggers will stay away. I haven't tried it yet, but who knows??? It might just work!!


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