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subscriber-only caches

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Maybe this topic has come up before, but I was wondering what are the reasons for creating subscriber-only caches?

The Area I live in has 31 caches within a 20 mile radius not counting mine and 16 of those are subscriber-only.

When I first started caching the number of subscriber-only caches were low (3 or 4) and represented a extra bit of mystery that encouraged me to become a paying member however now it seems that most of the new caches in the area are being placed as subscriber-only and one cache owner has went back and made most of his previously open caches subscriber-only. If I was a newcomer to this hobby in this area I would be extremely put off by the high ratio of subscriber-only vs. open caches. I can understand making a new cache subscriber-only for a period of time to give paying members a shot at being first to find or maybe a cache that is significantly out of the ordinary (i.e. more valuable ) or even maybe making a cache subscriber-only if it has been repeatedly plundered. Other than these three reasons I can’t personally see a reason for placing subscriber-only caches. To me subscriber-only caches smell suspiciously like the same elitism that I see cavers show to anyone who is not a member of the NSS. Am I missing something and way out of line asking this question?

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More of an incentive to become a paying member. It worked, you joined icon_smile.gif. It hasn't really bothered me, i guess because there are only 1 or 2 member only caches in my area. Still, I will be joining soon just to help the site continue into greatness.



Cache me out dammit, I'm in a hurry!


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We have 1400 caches within 100 miles, but I've only seen two members-only caches. (Admittedly, I don't often search out to the 100-mile perimeter.) Some people make caches members only to reward the local 'regulars,' by giving them first crack at a new cache (and then probably converting it to no longer being members-only later). I might make a cache members only to limit the activity (a night cache, say, where twenty people tromping around with flashlights on the first weekend might look suspicious). I was very curious about members-only caches before I joined -- it was a bit disappointing to find there weren't actually dozens of secret caches populating the area! Are there any areas with a lot of them?

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I'm planning on placing a subscriber only cache soon. My reason is that I am going to have a UV flashlight in the first stage that is needed to find the rest of the cache. I only want cachers who are serious about it to have access to it. Keep in mind, not all premium members are responsible and most non-premium members ARE respoinsible. This is just a way of trying to keep the cache a little bit safer.



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I own one and its because a previous cache in the area was plundered. I made it MOC just in case that cache was specifically targeted by a cache theif, rather than accidently discovered by a passerby (which was unlikely because it was very well hidden).


I figure a cache thief isn't gonna bother shelling out $30 for their "hobby" when there are plenty of caches they can steal for free.


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Originally posted by mrkablooey:

Originally posted by Breaktrack:

...and non-paying, non-premium members are not serious?


http://ubbx.Groundspeak.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=5726007311&f=4016058331&m=14560818 icon_wink.gif



_Notice: Driver carries less than $20 cache._



Yeah, I saw that...lol, and even got a little silly in there myself....LOL.



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Wouldn't putting it out as an offset, puzzle, etc. discourage plunder? Maybe if they have to work for it, they won't ransack it.


If they want to, they will. Two of the toughest caches in NJ were stolen. One was just a difficult find, but the other was a multi that involved some difficult rock scrambling and a long hike.


There was some bad blood over a first finder prize in the former and the cache soon disappeared. The latter disappeared soon afterward. The cache owner was the same, so most of us locals assume the same person was responsible. I never found the second cache, but it was not an easy one, from what I heard. Someone spent the good part of an afternoon to steal the cache.


"You can't make a man by standing a sheep on his hind legs. But by standing a flock of sheep in that position, you can make a crowd of men" - Max Beerbohm

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