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Wow! Legendary Cache In Trash Out


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If you read the logs from the beginning for 'Winnsboro Reservoir' cache, you will see that the trash problem gets plenty of mention. I didn't start geo-caching until after the Columbia Convergence event cache, so was eager to meet other cachers. After looking through the profiles of some in our state and reading Commissar's log, I e-mailed him through the site and asked if we could do another event cache and clean up the area too.

Commissar lives not far from the area. He really did all the legwork to get it rolling. Tony and Charlotte, the cache placers, offered to bring chili, we brought drinks and some ammo boxes for door prizes, and everyone who posted brought other food.

Commissar talked with some of the folks who work for the city, and they were so happy about the event that they put up barriers to prevent future dumping, provided the bags and trailers, and even rented a port-a-potty for us.

I was thrilled to be a part of something so positive and got to meet some of the other cachers from our state at the same time.



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Trippy, UMC, I'm all for doing this in Michigan too. We need to get more people into this... maybe we should send something throughout MiGo... What do you think? Any ideas on where we could do this? I'll talk to a few of my buddies that i've met caching and see what they think.



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This kind of effort is something we really should strive to emulate in Michigan (and everywhere) on a regular occasion. It's spectacular.


However, the smaller efforts - you know, little bags full... they add up as well and are probably the most practical way that everyone can help to clean up our parks. And it's something we can all do, all the time, with very little planning. I set up a page on the MiGO site which allows Michigan cachers to post the results of their everyday cleanups, hoping that over time it would accumulate and we'd have a large group effort to show off to park systems as a positive thing that has benefited many sites in our state. However, over the last three weeks only three photographs have been posted, two of them by the same user.


I won't pretend to know the reasons (I made it too hard to use, a low percentage of cachers have digital cameras, etc.) but I would just like to throw out there that the best start would be to... just start. I know that more often than not I'd go out and not bring a trash bag, or not think of it, or... etc.


A LARGE group effort like this is impressive fo' sho' and is a great way for any group to get out and promote the positive aspects of the sport. But a LARGE group of small efforts would do us a lot of good as well.


If either of you would like to help plan an activity like this in Michigan, contact me off-list and we can set the ball rolling.





trippy1976 - Team KKF2A


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Boy am I impressed, local Geocachers make good. Even got the city to put in barriers to prevent future problems and helped supply equipment to support the undertaking. I hope the comissar does alert the media, this would make a great local interest story.

I copied the web page I thought the contest and the prizes were a great idea and I hope some day to use them for a similar project.

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When did the United States acquire South Australia is my question? icon_biggrin.gif


My friend, Bryno, and I take my canoe around a local state park every year before the leaves come out (first day of shade) and from the water's edge we pick up all the crap left by fisherman. We usually end up with the lures and bobbers and stuff that they got stuck in trees, along with all the garbage, so we call this "shopping". It's best done between the Last Day of Shade and the First Day of Shade so you can see all the stuff and it's not blocked by leaves.


Cache you later,


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Originally posted by Eric K:

This could be a great media event if sometime next summer/spring we hold a national "Trash Out" day.


Tons of photos and enough press could lead to a good national story.


Great Idea!! What day is Earth Day next year? That would be the obvious day for a global clean up event.


*edit* One site I found listed Earth Day 2003 as the week of April 15-22nd.





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the one bag of trash my daughter and I hauled out of the desert. I won't bother now.




On another note... The Franklin Mountain state park (The largest urban park in the USA ~ 37 square miles - inside the city limits) has rangers patrolling. It is a lot of ground to cover for a few rangers. But I did discuss with them, and as I collect trash, and the bag gets too heavy, I tie it shut and leave it alongside the trail. They pick it up when patrolling that area. It is better than just leaving it lay.


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Legendary! Wow...


The local and regional media were informed prior to the event. The local paper is working on a story but the exposure will not be that great...The regional paper had done a story on Geocaching recently and was not too excited to do a follow-up just for some trash...Boo!


As for the discussion regarding individual efforts in Cache-In-Trash-Out, our WORLD needs to see that Geocachers all pick up trash, one piece, one bag at a time...So POST that picture of one bag of trash, it is no less important than any other bag.


As noted above, our Cache Clean-up Event was a great show of the commitment Geocachers have to the planet, but more often than not we work alone or in small groups and the big showy pictures will be few and far between. I hope that the Cache Clean-Up Crew has inspired people that have problem areas to do something about them. We amazed ourselves with what we accomplished in a short amount of time. The pictures are a reminder of what we can do together but we can also create mountains of trash individually...


The Commissar

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The true measure of a Geocacher (and other less intelligent humans) is based on what he/she does when nobody else is watching...

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