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Separate Logs for Legs in Multi-Cache


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I'm just about ready to post a large multi-cache that has a possible 18 legs. It has a clue game theme. Each leg is a card in the game (you know the one - Mrs. Peacock with the Knife in the Conservatory). As such, finders would make a guess and I would send them to a card that would prove their suggestion incorrect, like in the board game. So, it's non-sequential and requires finders to email me between each leg (but they don't need to find all legs to guess correctly). Each leg has its own level of difficulty and is a site unto itself. My question is, should I report this as one single multi-cache and do all the legs through individual emails, or report each leg separately and give offset coordinates on the reports and give the key to the real coordinates through email and have the first leg logged when the finder guesses the right combination of cards?


I was thinking of doing it the second way. I could then more easily do the whole description, hint, and difficulty ratings, etc. It would also be more accurate for what the finders are doing (going out and finding separate locations on different days, etc.). But, there might be some who see other things about this method that may give me reason not to do it that way.


Any advice?


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Actually, kablooey was in chat last night and is also working on creating a Clue cache for his neck of the woods. I think he said there was one in England (?) already. He had the room concept worked out, but was still puzzling over the murderer and weapon parts. You could email him and compare notes ...

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In working on my cache which I have named the world's most difficult geocache:




I'm planning on making a website where people can log the individual legs and only when they complete the cache can they log on the geocaching.com website. I realize that many people don't have the skillset to make a website but the reason that I did it this way is because I like to read people's adventure and since mine (and it looks like your) cache will take several trips, by the time they log the final cache they will have forgotten many of their adventures on earlier legs.


One possibility would be to have people log notes on the gc.com website each tiem they find it and then a "found it" log when they complete the puzzle?


As the keeper of the stats website, I feel like I should point out too that if you make it 18 different caches, this will artificially inflate people's find count since they will get up to 18 "finds". I don't want this to generate into the old "are stats good" debate, just want to point out that there exist people that DO care about accurate stats and so you might want to keep that in mind.

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