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Planning a Geocaching Picnic...

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I'm planning a Geocaching picnic for a group.


The picnic will be in a large park, so the thought is to place 5-6 temp caches before the picnic. Once the picnic starts, we'd hand out paper with the coordinates and let people at it.


Any other ideas for a geocaching get-together?

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We did the exact same thing last summer.


Remember though that the temporary caches will not be able to have their own cache page unless they stay permanent (see idea below). In order for your people to receive credit for the multiple finds on the temporary caches, they would need to log multiple finds on the event cache page. For an example, see Chicago's 2001 picnic.


Other things we did for the 2002 picnic...

  • We made sure there was a cache easy enough for the kids to find. Just let them take the GPS and hide it within 100 yards of the picnic (but still well hidden).
  • I picked up a bunch of the "Call Julie" yard flags. We had a specific set of coordinates for our picnic grove. Each cacher was encouraged to plant a flag where their GPS said the coordinates were. Results here
  • Setting up a memorial cache. We converted one of our temporary caches to a permanent cache - everyone brought something to plant, including travel bugs.
  • Travel bug exchange. Some travel bugs were handed off cacher to cacher at the event.
  • At Chicago recent gathering (Capture da Flag GPS FRS Event) a game of capture the flag was played while utilizing FRS radios.
  • Door prizes. The recent Chicago event also had a lot of door prizes for everyone. That made it kinda nice.
  • We also displayed a very detailed Chicago area map with caches marked on it - it spurred quite a bit of conversation (e.g. "Have you done the Everdon cache yet? Wasn't that cool?")
  • Definitely do a group picture, and set a specific time that you will do it so that everyone will be there. I'm still feeling bad because I didn't announce a time and I hurt the feelings of a very nice cacher who had traveled from another state to be there.
I'm sure there are more ideas. But that's my running list.



Chicago Geocaching

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We used the 'Yard Flag' idea, but if you'd like you can take it a step further as an activity for the kids.


We took some cheap wooden dowels and cut them into 12 inch pieces. We then had an arts&crafts table setup for the kids where they could cut, paste, color, sticker, glue, whatever they wanted onto their 'team' flag and then attach that using tape to the dowel. Kept 'em busy for hours!


- Dekaner of Team KKF2A

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