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which mapping cd do you use and why?

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I have a garmin legend and am considering getting the mapping software. I have it narrowed down to either the Metroguide USA or the Roads & Recreation. Which do you use and why? If you use both what are the adavantages of each as you use it? I am looking for practical experience here, (checked garmin's website and also spoke to their customer service) I am wondering how you all like the maps now that you have had hands on experience... Thanks in advance.

Kirk out.

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For most geocaching adventures and general hiking, I use National Geographic TOPO! State Series for California. I like the "real" topographic map detail.


I have a SportsTrakPro so I also use DataSend Topo for the GPS uploads and sometimes for urban caching. The streets are more up to date.

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I use City Select with my Garmin GPS V and the reason is because its what came with it. It is a good balance of the Garmin street/mapping software.




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I use Mapsource North America City Navigator and DeLorme TOPO USA


I got City Navigator with my St. Pilot III, Got the TOPO because it looked cool (and it is). when placing a cache I check the all the coordinates on Both. Sometimes for far away caches, I'll check them on the TOPO, and print up a map, keeps me from having to cross creeks, streams, and rivers.


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I use R&R. I understand that Metroguide is superior in urban areas. Since I don't currently live in a major metro area and I do the bulk of my caching in rural areas, I felt that R&R was better for me.


I have heard that Metroguide uses newer maps than R&R, but I've only had a few occasions that the roads were substantially different than R&R showed. Of course, the way subdivisions are sprouting around here, there are a number of roads missing from R&R, but I suplement with an actual map.

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Since I use a Garmin III+, I only have 1.4 meg of memory to store maps.


I use the R&R for the roads between my house and the trailhead because all I want to see is the roads and it uses less memory than the Topo.


I use the Garmin Topo for the actual hunt on foot because I like to see where the rivers and cliffs are in relation to my position.


I print my paper maps using the National Geographic Topo because my wife bought it for me for Xmas.

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I use DeLorme's Topo as well, I just can't figure out if it is possible to upload the maps themselves in that program, I seem to only get the waypoints transfered so will probably be purchasing the MapSend Streets and destination from Magellan. I use the Sporttrak Pro

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I use Garmin's Mapsource Topo because I do a lot of hiking. It's also helpful for geocaching because it shows what's between me and the cache and I can pick out the best route.


It has most streets, so it's also useful for navigating around cities as well. I've used it to find my way around unfamiliar cities while travelling.


I also have National Geographic Topo!, but it's not fully compatible with my Vista.


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I use MapSource Topo most of the time. I do have Delorme Topo but it does not label as much stuff on the screen as MapSource Topo does (I like to see the names of all the canyons, creeks, springs, etc.) I sent a message to Delorme but have not received a reply to see if you can turn up the Map Label Detail.


Here is an example of Mapsource and DeLorme Topo 4.0




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Metroguide and a GPSV for me.


I've found it's just about the best all around map CD put out by Garmin. Nice compromise of less POI data and more map detail. (plus it's routable)


I've found in outlying areas of Chicago it's more detailed than City Select. Even shows all the roads in local parks/forests as well as the roads/trails in many cemeteries.


Since it's ingegrated with Mapsource and my GPS I don't really have a need for the third party map programs.


Jolly R. Blackburn


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Originally posted by sbell111:

I use R&R. I understand that Metroguide is superior in urban areas. Since I don't currently live in a major metro area and I do the bulk of my caching in rural areas, I felt that R&R was better for me.


I have heard that Metroguide uses newer maps than R&R, but I've only had a few occasions that the roads were substantially different than R&R showed. Of course, the way subdivisions are sprouting around here, there are a number of roads missing from R&R, but I suplement with an actual map.


Actually you'll find Metroguide has very GOOD detail in rural areas as well. I compared R&R with Metro in my area before selling the R&R cds.


Basically what I found is that Metro has better road detail in rurak areas (more up to date) but R&R had better shoreline and water feature detail. For example a lot of small lakes/ponds don't show up on Metro (while strangely enough any roads which may circle them do).


Also smaller rivers/streams may not show on Metro. So it's really a matter of what's important to you. For me I want my GPSV to route me as close as possible to the cache via roadways. So road detail is more important. I can deal with water features by referring to a paper map so I got it covered.


Jolly R. Blackburn


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I have a Vista and originally bought Roads and Recreation and Topo. I then got Metroguide.


I use all three as R+R does not use as much memory. But that's the trade off as Metro has more features.


R+R doesn't autoroute; only Metroguide. Although the Legend and Vista don't autoroute within the unit, Metro autoroutes on yor computer and you can transfer the route to the Legend. I use Metro over other address finding and routing programs that you can load into your computer or from the web like Mapquest. Plus it's really easy to tranfer the data to the PC. Metro also has the POI info and you can find street intersections and address in the GPS while R+R does not do that. That's convenient when you're out hunting. You can find fast food places, gas stations, etc. Metro will give you a Go To plus the address and phone number of the place. Just keep in mind that Metro uses about 2-3 times the memory.



One thing R+R has that Metro (USA) does not and that's streams. They only appear on R+R which might be important to you especialy if you don't have Topo.


However, if I was going to chose now I would select Metro over R+R. Good luck



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Today my good ol' caching buddies Krs & Na bought me Metroguide U.S.A. 4.02, which I promptly upgraded to 4.13; I have to say I am very surprised at how out of date it is. Not sure about all areas, but one major one right by my house. They rebuilt the highway here quite a few years ago and it does not show up on Metroguide.


I was using City Select 4.13 prior to upgrading and they were listed there just fine.


I understand that one uses Tiger map data and the other is Tele Atlas or whomever, but do they not see that one set lists them and the others do not?


I didnt like the fact that it took over Mapsource City Select and only let me use Metroguide. It should give me a choice which I prefer to use when I launch the app.


I have noticed that many of the POI's are newer, but that is not nearly as important as up-to-date map data.


I also notice that Garmin does not really support Metroguide 4 anymore. Aside from the last update in march 03, when you look at their cartography page, the only link for MG is for version 5. I had to do a search for MG4 before I could find any info about it.


It also seems as though the latest upgrade for MG 4.02 is the same update I used for City Select.


The two programs are pretty much identical aside from the map data. Are they the same program? One being bundled with the Garmin V and the other sold seperately under the name Metroguide?


For now I will continue to use City Select since it is the most up to date with the maps, at least in my area... icon_rolleyes.gif






Krs, Kar & Na

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I've put a few examples of the metroguide 4 maps on my webpage. The Tele Atlas data base they used was about 30 percent tiger map data, of a slightly older version than that used by Magellan, but newer than that used for R&R. The only thing it had going for it when compared to City Select was data for some rural areas not covered by City Select. The newer version of Metroguide (Version 5) uses the same Nav Tech data base as City Select which has been updated significantly in rural areas over the last couple years.


The basic mapsource program is used for both programs. Metroguide shouldn't have taken over. Instead, you should have a pull down window at the top center of the screen that lets you select which product you wish to use. I keep TOPO, Metroguide, and R&R all loaded on my hard drive. I then pull down whichever one I wish to load to select my map segments. Generally I select both TOPO and Metroguide for the same area, then select which one I want to use inside my eTrex

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Thats quite a nice site you got going on there searching_UT! Im going to have to add an area to our site or another where I can post a few examples of the inaccurate areas as I find them. I can see the inaccuracies you have pointed out in your area, I have similar results in mine.


I can see how Metroguide would be good for the eTrex line of receivers, since they do not auto-route, but you would think Garmin would keep its maps updated as often as possible for their routing receivers, like the V or SP-III. Even with as expensive as it is to keep their software up to date, it's not like they are selling the products at rock bottom prices. They are pricey, each and every one of them. Lets face it, people buy this stuff so they have the "latest" maps available, not just so they can say they own it or want to support the company.


Is the information from one company (like nav tech or tiger) that different that they cannot be integrated into one another to produce the ultimate accurate mapping service?


You know what would be nice? If I could drive along the roads that are not listed, come home and upload them to my computer and then add the new road names to the map and save it. This way they would be there for me next time.


I have re-installed Metroguide on my PC (thanks! I see the drop down menu now!) and I will fool around with it some more, but I will keep the City Select maps uploaded to my receiver for now since they are the most up-to-date.


One last thing! When I first purchased my Garmin 5 I installed City Select and it was a bit out of date. I downloaded their update and it added alot of newer roads that were not listed in the previous version. My gripe is that if it is using the same update for Metroguide as it does for City Select, why is the new data not incorporated into Metroguide?


Do the folks at Garmin not realise this or was this something that was compiled by the advertising deptartment to drum up sales? It seems as if they needed to release something new to keep up with credibility in their POI database. I mean after all, I emailed them about how POI's in my area are at least ten years out of date and they instructed me to send them any out of date POI's I found so they can update their database for the next release. Why? So they can charge me another $100 to see the new chinese resturaunt on the corner? I dont think so. If I am going to submit all POI's I find out of date, they should release an update for free or send me a free copy when they release the next new wave of Mapsource. I don't work for free at my job and I am not about to work for free for Garmin. They got enough of my hard earned $$$.


Over and out, thanks for letting me vent!!




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