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Do you ever look back?


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Instead of just finding a cache, and ever going on to the next cache -never to look back...


I've come to find that there are a few "favorite" cache sites that I've visited that I occasionally drop back to visit to see what adventures or difficulties others may have had at the same site (I don't set watchpoints on them, I just go back and look from time to time)


Do you look back?

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There are several spots that someday I plan on going back to, but not to see what other cachers have done, I can read the logs on line. I want to go back and see what there is to see. There's one in particular, that I'd like to go back and just sit there and see if I can catch the beavers at work, it's called Sessions Cache. I saw the Beaver Exhibit at the IMAX theater and it would be really wonderful to see them work in real life.


This one for the views if not for the incredible hike up the mountain.


And there are probably a lot of other places I'd go back to as well. I would list them but I'm off to NY for another day of caching in the rain. Looks like it might be letting up though!


Cache you later,



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I often look back at caches I've found. Especially the ones where people have had interesting adventures, face-plants, creek crossings, etc...


I even stop by the physical caches from time to time if I'm in the area -- to check their condition and read the log book entries since my last visit.


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The only time I ever visited the same cache twice is when I went back to get my first travel bug. I was dying of curiousity to see what one looked like in person. Other than that, I have no interest in visiting them again, unless I happen to be at the spot for some other reason, I might go look to see if it's still there. I do, however, keep my favorites on my watch list, and enjoy reading the logs of those who find them after me.

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