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FRS Radios

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We have used FRS for two years now. Just upgraded to GMRS Motorola T7200's. You are supposed to purchase a license for GMRS usage with the FCC.

These Motorola's are KICK BUTT! I compaired them to the distance we got with our FRS and it is truely amazing how much farther you can talk. The T7200 are 2 watt UHF, four times the power of a typical FRS. You will not be sorry with these for sure.

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Originally posted by Irvingdog:

Regarding the license.....

Can the FCC find you?


Can they enforce the fine/license?


Can they prove you were using GMRS and not FRS?


Are they going to knock on my door just because I posted this?


Will this stream of conscience ever end?

God, I hope so....

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We've been using Motorola's T6220 (three of them as a matter of fact) for about a year now ...no complaints. Although the T6220 is strictly an FRS radio (GMRS isn't authorized for use in Canada), I believe that Motorola produces an FRS/GMRS version of the same radio for sale in the United States (T6250 @ $70.00USD ea). There's a good level of quality that you can expect from Motorola, which isn't the case for all brands of FRS radios ('Audiovox' comes quickly to mind as a brand to avoid).

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Unfortunately, I'm very broke and cant afford the cost of the GMRS radio's let alone the cost of the licence to use them.


So I need to know which is the best FRS radio's to use. What's better; Motorola or Cobra for instance. I'm rarely going to need to use them with any greater distance between then about a half mile. But I want the quality to be the best. As little static as possible. The ones I've got now are cheap and it's very hard to understand what the other person is saying, even at short distances.



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I have owned Motorola (280, I think) and Panasonic. Both work well, but you could tell the Motorola was a well thought out and quality built unit. I don't know what your price limit is, but for $99 (+tax and shipping) you can get 2 Motorola T6400WX GMRS/FRS radios from Costco. You could use the FRS radio only until you got a GMRS license. For $34.94 (after $15 rebate) you could get 2 Motorola T5420 FRS radios from Amazon. I doubt you will have any complaints about them, Motorola is the King of FRS radios. And with free ground shipping from Amazon, and a good return policy, hard to go wrong there. Good luck on your search.



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I picked up a couple Uniden GMRS 520's at Wal-Mart for $18 a pair. That was not a clearance price! It's the normal price! These are 14-channel FRS + 8 channels of GMRS. They run on 3 AAA's. Not loaded with features (they have no 'privacy' codes for example), but small on size. About the only feature beyond channel changing and volume changing is the call feature where they transmit a ringing noise. They also have an undocumented channel scan feature. These are the smallest FRS radios I've yet seen. They come with belt clip and instruction sheet. Voice quality is very good, and range as good as our Motorola talkabouts. We're replacing our 1st generation talkabouts with them. They're too small not to take caching with us all the time. Get thee to a wal mart and check out a pair. At $9 a pop, you can just about load up your new caches with these special prizes.

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