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My first cache! Your first cache?

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I don't know if anyone remembers me, but I posted here around last May about my first attempt at caching. My first attempt was a failure because Hubby and I encountered a skunk and had to run away. Hubby wanted to go back and hit it with a stick, but I decided we'd just try again another day. Another day turned out to be eight months later, but it was worth the wait! Hubby was the first to find it and I can't believe how excited I was to hear the words "Found it!" What a rush! Now we are both very excited and motivated to continue our new hobby/sport.


I didn't think I'd get Hubby to go again because he said that he didn't tell me this before because he didn't want to scare me...but as he was running from the skunk last time, a wild dog lunged at him from the bushes. I saw nothing because he was really far ahead of me, but I doubt it was a wild dog. It was probably a gopher. But anyway, that was a memorable attempt at our first cache, and yesterday we succeeded in finding the same cache, without any interference by skunks or wild gophers.


So what was it like for you when you first started caching? Some of you have finds in the hundreds and I find that amazing and wonderful! So what were you like in the beginning? Any other scaredy cachers like my honey?

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Yeah my first cache wasn't filled with events like that, but if it were it might have been even more fun..Nature Obsticles......I heard about this game, checked it out and couldn't wait, not knowing there was a gPS in the next room that my dad owned , I ran out to a spot i knew well, "Joes Rock, Ma ---Great Cache" and found it with out anything.....


See you in the woods!


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Here is the postI made on my FTF cache...

Well…I have good news and I have bad news…

The Good News,

Kayakanimal was the first person to this cash. It was the first time I did that.

The Bad News,

The Coordinates were off!!!


I am visiting from Florida for the week. Have just started Geo Caching. Woke up this morning and saw a NEW one nearby…Time to go for it.


Went to the park (boy does this place look familiar). I lived here for 1 year and at one point took my then soon to be wife to be on her first kayak trip with me. This is the park we launched from.


Tried to go to the cords posted. I didn’t see the “hint” anywhere but decided to try to find them anyway. Went “trekking” THROUGH the swamp. Mud up to my knees. After giving up I decided to drive around the park. Found the hint. Went where the hint told me to and found the cache. All is well with it.


Took AA Batteries

Left Bubble mix


Took first picture on camera.


The correct cords are as follows:

N 30° 24.570 W 090° 08.675


Nice park…thanks for the cache.

P.S. Saw no gators.

P.S.S. Cost to get in park is $2


Rescued Camera Travel Bug. He wanted to go on vacation to FL. Maybe take him to Disney World?

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The first cachce my kids and I found was in one of our favorite places, the San Jacinto Battlefield Park. I had just purchased the GPS however, and like a lot of men, I didn't really bother to read the instructions past the "how to turn it on" part, so my first hunt consisted of just reading the coordinates and moving around the area trying to get them closer and closer...LOL. Kind of like the old briefcase sized ones we had in the military back when. Finally I did get it pretty close and the only spot nearby that could have hidden anything turned out to be it. The kids were hooked almost instantly and insisted that we drive to the Huntsville State Park to do our second one right away....lol. Those were the only two I had printed out.


You can bet I got the instructions out and figured out an easier way to find where I wanted to go after that....




"Trade up, trade even, or don't trade!!!" My philosophy of life.

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Our first cache was a really neat 6 stage multi. It really got us hooked bad. The multi was in a small park, so the total mileage for the 6 stages was probably around a mile. We really enjoyed being led around by our GPSr and found the final cache easily. Sadly, it is an archived cache now.



"All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer with a backlit GPSr"

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My first was abroad in Madeira. Didn't have a GPS at that point so it was pretty tricky. We had to walk along a Levada (a water channel with a pavement thing by it) which was covered in lizards. Just about to turn back when we came across the place mentioned in the clue and low and behold we found it.

Unfortunatly there was no pen in the box so we couldn't write in the logbook but it was still a dadgum good cache icon_biggrin.gif



"We searched for hours in the cache area but all we could find was an ammo box in a little hollow. Suggest you archive the cache..."

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