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Multi-State Cache?


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I was wondering if there are any multi-state caches. And if so, what are they? And if not, doesn't it seem like a great idea! A multi-cache that would take you across the country and maybe even years to complete? Am I alone here, or has someone already done it?


Just curious.


Cache On!!!


Nothing is better than cold, hard cache!!!

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Sounds like a cool Idea as long as there is something to trade at each location but then again you can do a search on any state and just do the cache there. I currently have the 'Travelin' Cache' in my care and the idea of that is that the whole cache moves from place to place and its goal is to go to Maine, Flordia and back to MI.


You can find out more about it here



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A multi-cache that takes you across the US sounds cool- though it would probably be best to utilize popular destinations, or places near popular destinations. Maybe something where you don't necessarily have to do some steps in order? Otherwise, only a very few ppl. could ever get it all in!


I walk the Maze of Moments, but everywhere I turn to, begins a new beginning, but never finds a finish..


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