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Cache Page Help Needed


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I type the description for my cache all nice and neat in *.doc format then moved it to the dialogue box of the online form. It turned out to be a ragged looking bunch of text. Barely legible. Left margin OK but the right margin did not seem to exist. What did I do wrong and how can I correct this problem? How do people add clipart to their cache page postings?

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Also... I looked at your page.


It appears that you've tried to set your own margins on the right side (i.e. there are carriage returns). Keep in mind that people with all sorts of different setting view that page, and there are numerous different screen widths that your page must be viewed upon.


My suggestion (if you aren't completely familiar with HTML) is to remove those carriage returns. The site will automatically format the page to fit virtually any screen width that a user is using.


Or... you can take a quick course in HTML here and then you can figure out how to put pictures and other nifty stuff on your page. It's not hard, trust me. A few months ago I new nothing of HTML, an now... while still far from comfortable with it, I'm able to have a little more creativity.



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No problem. Actually, I asked a very similar question a while back, and I think it was ClayJar that pointed me to that site.


I have it in my favorites and refer to it often.


Oh yeah.. the tutorials... that part where it says to do one per day? Phooey. I did all of 'em in about two hours.



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