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u are truly hooked on Geocaching when ....

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When you spend $90 on a laminating maching just for the Geocache letters.


Have to explain to your wife that the refigerator sized stack of boxes that UPS left on the porch are filled with ammo cannisters and they were a "good deal"


Every time you go shopping, you spend an extra $15 on potential tradeables.


"Life is a daring adventure, or it is nothing" - Helen Keller

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...you don’t know how to read a map, but you’ve found over a thousand caches.


...you now know just how many dirt roads there are in your area.


...you have a PhD and an MD and you take up truck driving, because it gives you the freedom to find more caches.


...the homepage on your browser is set to www.geocaching.com.

...you spend at least an hour every day revising your geocache web page(s).


...you can read the "additional hints" quite naturally without clicking on the "Decrypt" link.


...you think that the "additional hints" are for whimps.


...you always make sure that you have trading trinkets and your GPS with you when you leave the house.


...you actually use that "junk drawer" in your kitchen, now!


...all of the "junk" in your junk drawer has been replaced with items from caches.


...you think that coordinates are more efficient than directions.


...whenever people ask you where you live, you give them coordinates.


...whenever you see a bucket or box lying around, you check to see if it’s a cache.


...you can translate between WGS84, UTM and NAD27 in your head.


...you are writing a screenplay entitled, “Geocaching: The Movie”.


...you think that geo-raiding should be a capital offence.


...somebody asks you if you have any "cash", and you immediately give them the coordinates of all of your hidden "caches".


...you start each day off by eagerly checking your cache for new log entries.


...your idea of “close by” is anything within a hundred mile radius.


...you spend $100,000 on a car just because it comes with a GPS.


...your brand new $100,000 car is covered with dirt and full of stickers and cheat-grass because you realized that there was a cache “close by” the dealership.


...you have been late to work, school or your wedding because you saw that there was a cache “close by”.


...your favorite pick up line is, “What are your co-ordinates, baby?”


...you legally change your name to your geocaching username. (Kevin the Cache King, George the geo-god, etc…)


...you’ve ever traded items directly between two caches because you didn’t have any “trading trinkets” with you.


...you always leave the house at least an hour early so you can catch a cache along the way.


...you can honestly say that you’ve intentionally been to more than one virtual cache and/or micro cache.


...you have plans for hiding a micro-cache that really is microscopic.


...at Christmas, your idea of “high quality” items includes pocketknives, sunglasses, geo-patches, etc...


...you are saving all of your 35mm film canisters for your multi-cache.


...you have detailed blueprints of your future “perfect multi-cache”.


...you actually keep all of the golf balls you find, so you can put them in your cache.


...you have hidden caches in more than ten states.


...you know the exact coordinates of every cache in your home state.


...your idea of a good date is claiming “first find” on a cache.


...you met your spouse at a cache.


...your honeymoon consisted of 7 days, 3 hotels and over 200 caches.


...the engagement ring that you gave your fiance' came from a cache.


...you put your marriage proposal in a cache and gave your significant other the coordinates.


...all of your family vacations are based on where the most caches are hidden.


...the three websites you visit when you are planning a trip are www.expedia.com, www.geocaching.com, www.mapquest.com...in that order.


...you no longer have that uneasy feeling about searching around on property that you aren't sure isn't private. (Clearer re-wording to come)


...you always bring your light meter so you can act like you're just "looking around for the best light to take a picture" in case there are non-geocachers in the area. (nod to &*%^ - The geocacher formerly known as Sluggo)


...you've ever caused yourself to hyperventilate by taking the "hard way" to a cache. (This is a true story. It was at the top of a VERY STEEP HILL. I'll always trust my mapping program, from now on.)


...even after losing 10 pounds, you argue that geocaching simply CAN'T be exercise, because it's too much fun!


...you no longer notice the stares that you get while climbing a tree in a park or digging around in the dirt while wearing your best Sunday suit.


...you see the world as just one big multi-cache.


...everywhere you look, you think to yourself, "That would be a GREAT place to hide a cache!"


...you wonder if there are any caches in Heaven.


...you have endless debates about whether geocaching is a sport, a game or a hobby.


Allen J. C.


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How bout one that applies to (well, applied to)me... You work four days on and four days off, and find three geocaches in the area and come up forty hours short on the pay check. Don't get it??? Think about it. My supervisor sure did. What sucks is eight days and only three cache finds....

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...if your car gets stolen and you feel lucky because your GPS wasn't in it at the time.


...your car gets stolen and you feel lucky because your GPS wasn't in it at the time.


...you demand to be called "Goolge". (To understand this one, go to www.geocaching.com and read the tag line.)


...all of your Christmas shopping is done at http://shop.Groundspeak.com/


...you will stick your hand into any hole in the ground or any bush with reckless abandon.


...you sit around telling "the cache that got away" tales. (Nod to Planet's last post.)


...you've waded through and have seen more plants than most botanists, but you can't name a single one.


...you've seen more wildlife than most vets, but you don't know what to stay away from.


...you've seen more rocks than most geologists, but you don't know which ones are precious.


...at the end of the movie "Hackers" you stand up and yell, "CACHE THE PLANET! CACHE THE PLANET!!!"


...you know what WGS, UTM and NAD stand for.


...for one shimmering moment, it actually seems like a good idea to put yourself in a cache as a travel bug to Paris.


Allen J. C.


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...a visit to www.geocaching.com replaces that morning cup of coffee.


...you are circulating a petition that will force the city to make "geocacher lanes" on the freeways.


...you only go to parks at night, anymore; and if you do bring along a picnic basket, it's to hold your trading trinkets.


...you start wondering why we even need the U.S. Postal Service.


...you travel 3,000 miles to be able to claim "first find" on a cache.


...you travel 10,000 miles to be able to claim "first find" on a Jeremy Irish cache.


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