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alien cache contest

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Originally posted by The GeoGadgets Team:

Non-profit, yes. But isn't this under the heading of commercial cache? Did these folks get permission from Jeremy, et al. before going ahead with this? And the most important of all questions: Who has found it so far?

Why would someone need permission from Jeremy to do this? ... It was a fund raiser for a library! There's nothing commercial about it. Someone donated a $50 gift certificate and people that wanted to play bought tickets. Now it's available to anyone who wants to find it. Who would [possibly] fork over money too them? ... maybe anyone who values literacy in their community.
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Also - the only correlation to Geocaching is that the cache is called a Geocache. It is not listed on this site and therefore doesn't need Jeremy's approval.


Of course, you could get into some long-winded legalese discussion about who own the name "GEOCACHE" and "GEOCACHING" but other than that, I don't have a problem with this. Had it not been posted here by James, I wouldn't have known about it.



My Geocaching Page

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