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Predating the date cache was hidden NYS

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This is my first post so if this has been covered elsewhere please send me the thread.


On the Geocaching in New York main page under the latest caches hidden section all of the caches are predated. Several of them have been on for over 2 weeks which has kept a couple dozen caches from making the list. I am guilty of predating 2 of mine just so they will show up and get fair play. I am aware that there are other methods of keeping up with the latest placed caches but the minority of members are not.


Does anyone else feel this is an issue?

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I completely agree. I use the page to see if new caches have been hidden in the area because I'm too impatient to wait for the weekly email notification icon_wink.gif It is aggrivating to see that someone has had caches approved before they were even placed. This could also be misleading for cachers that miss the portion of the cache description that says it isn't there yet.

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I mean... wow.


I never would have believed that this was how someone would do this. I had to go over to the New York pages just to see if what you were saying was actually true. But here they are:

  • "He's a Nut" by Wheelygood (GCF080) - April 20
  • "Up a Creek" by The Wheelygood Team (GCF7C6) - April 20
  • "North Country Roadside Micro Challenge #1" by Dustoff21 (GCF1ED) - April 19
  • "North Country Roadside Micro Challenge #2" by Dustoff21 (GCF1F3) - April 19
  • "Camper's Quick Cache" by Dustoff21 (GCF24E) - April 19
  • "Nature's Own" by Dustoff21 (GCF24F) - April 19
  • "The Rocky Trail Trove (revisited)" by Dustoff21 (GCF57F) - April 19
  • "BAAME'S 2nd Stache" by Team Moon (GCF62A) - April 19
  • "The Nomad" by Dustoff21 (GCF7CC) - April 19
  • "Too Easy!" by Dustoff21 (GCF8AD) - April 19
  • "North Country Roadside Micro Challenge #3" by Dustoff21 (GCF8B5) - April 19
  • "Indian River North" by Dustoff21 (GCF8BF) - April 19
  • "Indian River South" by Dustoff21 (GCF8C4) - April 19
  • "Cider House Falls" by Team Kuebbing (GCFA82) - April 19
Giving the cachers the benefit of the doubt, maybe Dustoff21 is going to go on a cache placing frenzy that day. He's secured permission for the placements and they aren't released until that particular day. Or maybe those caches are placed for an event - and while there are are coordinates there, there may not be a phyiscal cache there until those dates.


I'd like to hope it's something more than escalating advertising of a new cache.


Unless it's an event cache, or a cache will be released on a certain date, I can't really see any reason for post-dating a cache's placement date.


I hope some of these cachers chime in and can explain why they did it. Has anyone e-mailed them?


Wheelygood - I wouldn't post-date your caches just because someone else does.



Chicago Geocaching

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Originally posted by Markwell:



I mean... wow.


Unless it's an event cache, or a cache will be released on a certain date, I can't really see any reason for post-dating a cache's placement date.



Have to agree, I don't understand the practice.... I'd like to hear why this would be necessary outside of Markwell's parameters.





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Originally posted by Markwell:



I mean... wow.


Unless it's an event cache, or a cache will be released on a certain date, I can't really see any reason for post-dating a cache's placement date.



Yes, there is a geocaching gathering event that day. The caches are not to be visited before noon on the 19th. I did not email Dustoff because I wasn't sure what the community thought.


As for recommending I not predate, I intend to redate the caches after the 19th. I want my and all other local caches to be known to the locals when they come out. Not very many people know or think to use the alternate method of seeing new listings.

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I have to agree that this one has been bugging me for awhile now... this has been going on for at least a week already now. I was just complaining about it the other day in the IRC chat. Even when you go to the hide/seek page and pull up NY you only get 2 actual caches that aren't predated. I totally agree with you Wheelygood but I don't think that joining them is helping anyone or clearing up any confusion. I would not hunt your caches till that date and I would scroll down looking for the beginning of new caches as I've been doing... though I resent having to do that. I could see predating a cache for an event no more than 48 hours.. the usual approval time... no more than that.

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I think I get the suggestion Ttepee is making, but just want to clarify.


The actual event cache page might be posted a long time before the event (even 1 month or more). I assume everyone is OK with that. Just that if there are going to be a bunch of caches hunted at the event there is no need to post them any sooner than 2-3 days before the event for people to get familiar with them and get more psyched for the event (plus you gotta make sure there is enough time that they get approved).


Just from reading this thread, it doesn't seem like malicious notification-hogging was the motivation of the April 19 cache placers.

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Something that I find equally annoying, if not more annoying, are hiders who change the dates on moving caches each time the cache moves.


It basically has the same effect, it moves to the top of the latest hidden list, and then the 'new' icon gets attached to it for a week or so.


It's just plain annoying. Period. Unless it is an event cache, there should be no reason to have logs on a cache page that are older than the date hidden.

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I have 2 that are Post Dated(still awaiting Approval)


The Reason I post dated is I need to secure the Approval of the Parks Departments that have control over where the caches will be HID!


I need to have a cache page to complete paperwork for those caches.


and I've been asked/requested/told NOT to place the caches before they've been approved by the Parks Department.


I have temporarly disabled each cache so one-no goes looking for it before it's Placed.


But these are the rules that I have to operate under to place caches in State Parks...


The Logs are placed so that anyone looking knows why it's under such a status.


There is nothing like a Packrat who is a geocacher.

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Ttepee, I absolutly do not think I am helping the situation w/ my own predates. On one cache listing I did explained why I predated the cache, thinking it might get people to respond somehow. I'll post a note on the other listing directing them to respond here if they have an opinion.

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I have four caches that I placed last weekend, but which I do not want to have released until I have my State Park permission agreement in place (that will happen Monday) and until our CITO Event in the same park on April 26th. So as to not confuse anyone, to keep the list of new caches from being cluttered, and to give first crack at the caches to those who help pick up trash at the CITO Event, I asked my approver to place a hold on the caches until April 22nd, when they will be released on the site. In the meantime, I've got my cache numbers and webpage URL's to show to the park ranger as required under our policy in the Pennsylvania parks. Simple solution, everybody's happy.


Well, at least maybe Dustoff will use his new caches to place the ten Cannonball racing bugs that he's been diverting backwards and holding onto.



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Funny, I just noticed earlier today when I was looking thru a list of my area caches, i saw Wheelygoods new one. I was kinda upset when i saw that it was dated in the future, yet several attempts at locating it had already been made, and I wasnt one of them! icon_rolleyes.gif


There was another cache placed a couple of weeks ago in my area, that I never knew about because it didnt show up on the weekly email. icon_frown.gif


If this is the beginning of a new trend, I'm gonna be upset.


Wheely and Lep, I understand why you post-dated caches. I have no problem with that.

I wonder if there is a way that the system could be setup to ignore or not allow logs to be made on a cache page that pre-date the cache activation date.

That would actually help, since you could postdate them, and have everything in place and ready to go before the actual date of activation. Then also use the activate date to determine when it goes out in the weekly email, instead of the creation date..


And yes, I also saw today that dustoff is hoarding TB's... icon_frown.gif







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How about posting a cache using a past date? this one was just posted today, although it doesn't even show up as new. The cacher states he placed it last year, but just posted it on April 14th. Shouldn't this cache be required to have the post date on it so people know it is new?




I don't think using anything but the posting date should be used on the placement, so people getting the updates are notified. Although, if you are placing caches for an event, there is no need to place it on here in advance if you don't want it to be found ahead of time. As the person placing a cache for an event, can't you print out your copy and make copies for others at the event or just have them read it during the event, that way you can post them the day before? I personally don't care if caches are placed in advance, but if you would prefer the cache(s) to be part of an event and not found ahead of time, wouldn't this be the best way?

This is just my opinion though!!!


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