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Website HTML?

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I am not extremely familiar with how to put picturess and text,etc. onto the WWW.geocaching.com site when setting up a new cache. Does that make any sense? I would like to post text and pictures and or graphics on my next hide, but am not at all familiar with the process. Do you do it all in a Word document and then paste it in? A little help would really be appreciated. Thanks,Geocachers! Jim camp637

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Have you hid put any caches yet up on the site? You just have to fill out the little form about your cache, and they will verify it for you and then you can upload pictures. I notice the subject is "Website HTML"...you don't have to use html but if you want a background scheme or something like that you would then need html. I'm not sure if I answered your question...I hope I did!!

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Up load the image to the page.


Go to the report page.


Click on the link for the picture.


Copy the URL


Then add this tag to the cache description page.




Of course that tag will put the clan Ferguson logo on your page so you should proabbly substite the stuff in quotes with the copied URL of your pic.


Cache On!!



"Big Dog"

-Clan Ferguson

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