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Variations on a Cache- dotcom, dotfam etc.

Guest Chris Juricich

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Guest Chris Juricich

I understand the fears that folks might have regarding the commercialization of this odd sport-- but as the hobby/sport is so relatively new (hardly two years old?) it's only natural that some variations on the approach to caching would occur.


A coffeeshop creates a virtual cache in their shop in Fresno. Well. Astute observers would note from the tenor of the cachepage announcement that it was a commercial ploy possibly. The MapBlast page would show it was an urban setting! Clues, folks. Easy to make some choices here.


Other variations on straight caches I've already suggested-- a geocache treasure hunt sponsored by local businesses to promote their goods or services. Hey, why not? You're going in with eyes open, right? I don't see the problem here. If the GPS coords are the store itself, that's not so much a challenge as if they were to put the cache out in the wilds. What's in the cache? Clues to the next cache till it leads one to... the store? First one to return with a number of tokens from the caches wins something? Sounds like fun!


How about a city tour cache? I like Berkeley and if you ever visit here, let me give you the GPS locations of some of my favorite spots. Good coffee shops, my favorite bookstores, restaurants... yeah, an urban tour of my hometown. This isn't commercial, this is just me showing off my preferences.


The point to it all, for me, and this is simply me thinking and writing off the cuff... why do I like geocaching?


?it's fun! Am I having fun?

?it gets me outdoors and to places I've never been-- it helps me discover my world!

?it gives me a fuller understanding of the technology of the GPS...expands my experience in general web and other technology...

?but am I having fun and getting some exercise!


These are the keys. Your caches may vary!

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