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"Official" decal

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I was playing around today and came up with an "official" decal. A bogus departmental decal to put on your vehicle to give it an air of authority, like you belong there.


Slap 'em on your plain Ford Ranger or black Yukon with tinted windows and gain access where normal people can't! Yeah, right!




Of course, the Dale Gribble types will be watching real close!


See what happens when I get bored at work?





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Originally posted by carleenp:

I like it! Do you mind if I save the pic from here and use it to make a window sticker?


Ha! I don't mind. Like I said, I was bored. Use it for what ever you want. Just so you know, the globe and eagle graphic are simple clipart that came with Corel 7.





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I thought about making a couple of magnetic signs with the following:


Pi Thagorean Const

"We Make Angles Right"



My white Suburban is always being mistaken for a contruction supervisor's vehicle.


"Geocaching: the perfect sport for introverts!"

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That looks neat! I could've used one one on a cap or shirt the other day when searching for a benchmark disk on a Coast Guard building. I went right to their office before nosing around. The Coast Guardsman asked, "Who are you with?". This caught me by surprise. In hind sight, I should have said, "My people will talk to your people". Instead, I gave him a short explanation and showed him the geocaching print out. He took me to the exact spot I was looking for, allowed me to take a couple of pics, and we had a nice chat. So I guess, honesty is still the best policy. icon_razz.gif

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