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Who got the first cache of 2003?


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While everyone at the house was sleeping this morning i raced the sun rise to scout a new location and then about 8:40 or so central time, i was at Rippers Tripper...whadda way to start the new year!


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Well, I went out on a three-cache expedition with some other local cachers (The Jester & Granny), and we got to the first cache about 9:20 am EST. icon_biggrin.gif


And that's the earliest in the day I've ever found a cache... I'm not a morning person... icon_razz.gif


The caching would have been a little nicer if it weren't for that pesky freezing rain that we've had off and on all day... we were all quite thoroughly soaked after the third cache...


Cache well, and see ya round the bend...

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New Years Day, 2003, a good day to go over 100!!!! The kids and I took three and a half hours to find the last seven caches we needed to hit 100. We didn't start out that early though so we certainly didn't hit the first one of 2003, but maybe we're the first to hit 100 in 2003? Ya think?? icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif


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We saw the New Zealand log when reading the "Read the Latest Cache Logs" page, so that has The Leprechauns' vote for first in the world in 2003.


We will lay claim to the first find in the United States. We got in our car at 12:10 a.m. (eastern time) to find the Memorial Day Meandering virtual cache, and found it at 12:27 a.m. (eastern time). The online cache log was submitted at 12:49 a.m. (eastern time). Then, I watched the "Latest Cache Logs" page and there were no prior U.S. logs.


Not that we're addicted to geocaching or anything. We could stop anytime we wanted to, just not at midnight on New Year's Day.



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I hid my first ever cache this morning around 8am EST. Put it in the computer around 9:30 and was surprised to see it approved by lunch time (I thought it would take 12-24 hrs). I was even more surprised that someone had found it and logged it by 3:45 this afternoon.



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Congrats on caching that early on new years day...


Must admit I was asleep at midnight (first time since I was like 10 or younger). Didn't have any get-together plans, and was a bit worn after a new year's eve night hike. That and I knew I couldn't sleep in (like i'd otherwise do) since I had to meet my geocaching companions at 9 (so had to wake up about 7 -- ick...)


Also have to admit that the hike last night, and the geocaching today is more fun than most new year's eve celebrations are...


Cache well, and see ya round the bend...

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I had to wait until Sissy got off work--we don't cache without each other-- but the local county and state parks were closed so the only other one we wanted to do seems to be missing! We got skunked! It was a great adventure anyways. It was along a cross-state hiking trail and very flooded. We had to pick our way through the flooded areas. Some places had logs set up to get across the flooded parts, but some of them were under water. Oh, well, such is the life of a cacher.


BTW, did you know ammo cans make a great stepping stone? On it's side it was thick enough so the water didn't get in our boots and kept it's contents dry! I wouldn't try it with it standing up--much too unstable--but on it's side it made a platform, though under water, high enough to get across without a sock soaking.





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