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Stolen Cache Revenge(well, not really, but I giggled for 30 minutes afterwards)

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One of our caches turned up missing, so this is the log we posted when archived! I assumed that the night shift Barney Fife didn't care for all the extra traffic near his drinking & porno area, so he confiscated our cache & resumed his nocturnal activities!!



The cache is missing!!!! We looked everywhere for the container, it just wasn't there!! We DID however find the night shift Barney Fife's beer & PORN!!! That's right!! I said it! We found porn magazines & empty beer cans hidden up in the bushes near the cache site! I know, I know, some of you must be disappointed that YOU didn't find the porn! But don't be too bummed out, it wasn't even GOOD porn!

I guess it's okay to drink and perform acts of self gratification while on the job! But participating in the innocent sport of geocaching is not allowed! And We get all the bad press here in Phoenix! Go figure!


Dogs Have Owners....Cats Have Staff!!

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There's a cache near me which has had a repeat appearance of pr0n. At least three logs indicate so. The last was my log, where I allude to removing trash (which was sent thru my shredder, and a serious bout of handwashing after I considered the implications).


The most unfortunate thing about this particular one is that the nasty cache is hidden in a spot where most seekers would concentrate their search.



Do not answer a fool according to his folly, lest you be also be like him.

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