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Decryption Methods

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Originally posted by Criminal:

Yes, it’s another stupid poll, but it was something I am curious about.


Does anybody manually decrypt the hints/logs or do you just click and have the site do it for you?


I usually let the site decrypt them, but keknj and I have often done it with pencil in the field.

The only phrase I can recogonize in my head at this point is Snyyra Gerr, which I think will be the name of my next role playing character.


I also whiled away an hour the other day trying various rot-13 utilities on the Internet



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At first I decrypted by hand until I found out that I couldn't walk over tree trunks and rocks on an uneven path and read and decrypt the page at the same time and if I stopped to decrypt Bryno would beat me to the cache. So I decrypt before leaving the house, then I don't read the clue or else I do. I am not normal, so I normally don't do anything normally.

If you look at my avatar you'll see me combat fishing while wearing a size 11 men's waders while I have a size 7 foot, is THAT normal? (that was before I got my own waders) Can anyone give me the coordinates for that fishing spot? We'll call it "Forum Cache". One hint: New York.


Cache you later,


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We try (in our huge experience of what, five caches now? not having a car limits our options a little) to find without the clue first - then if we feel we're stumped we decrypt by hand - actually, if we find the cache without the clue - which has been the majority of the time, I like to decrypt the clue afterwards anyway to see if it would have been helpful. (Glutton for punishment). I find by the time I've decrypted a few words using the chart - the rest becomes almost legible on its own.

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Originally posted by dinoprophet:

I often print out just the description and don't have the key or a pen with me, so I count on my fingers..."A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H...that's eight...N-O-P-Q-R-S-T-U..."

I had that happen on one occasion. I had the clue, but the key was printed on page two, which I didn't bring, nor did I have a pen. So just like Dino, I'm out there counting on my fingers and memorizing the hint.


Usually, though I have a pen and manually decrypt the hint if I need it, which is only about 10%-20% of the time, I'd estimate.



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If it's a really long clue, I'll use the cheater and print it out that way, and try to keep from looking at that part of the page. (I'd hate to decipher a long one in the field and find out it was detailed instructions on where to park and to bring a picnic basket/camera/binoculars and enjoy the park, etc) If it's a fairly short clue I won't decrypt unless I need it in the field.


the definitions of short and long sometimes change depending on what mood I'm in...


I walk the Maze of Moments, but everywhere I turn to, begins a new beginning, but never finds a finish..

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