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I've got my Rinos!

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Wow! I thought learning all the features on the Vista was challenging! icon_wink.gif Lot's of features. Detailed review later. Some highlights I was not aware of...


Point to point positioning is not allowed by FCC in GMRS mode and is disabled when using those channels.


Several Rino team games built in to units.


Very rugged case. Better than the etex series.


Alkaline / NiMH battery settings for the 3 required batteries. - Let's see (3 batteries / unit) X (2 units) equals 6 batteries. Then multiply by 2 for backups. That makes 12 NiMH batteries that I need. Glad I got the 24 battery special.


Alarm clock, calendar, calculator.


Stop watch with a lap timer that can be set to mark lap time at a given distance.


Settable proximity alarms.


User definable scan list for the radio channels.


That's all for now.


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Sounds good.


Which ones did you get, the 110 or 120?


I was thinkng about picking up a couple of Rino's but am still doing my research.



Coming Around, New Owner Of a Garmin GPS V Received on 10-03-02

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Originally posted by georgeandmary:

Games? Do they use the gps features?

Yes, along with the Rino's unique features!


Clothesline: A team game where you trap your opponent in a line. eg. X --- O --- X In this example the X team has eliminated the O team member by positioning themselves so that the O team player is along a line between them.

Assimilation: A geo-tag game in which you tag your the an opposing team member by pressing talk when your within 30 feet.

And 3 others that I haven't figured out yet.


Of course the hardest part of the games would be finding enough Rino owners to create teams.

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