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Handicapped & Car Caches

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Teddilynn, in Houston, does alot of virtuals for her handicapable friends. Most people don't have nice things to say about them offline, but I think it's a cool and thoughtful idea. I've logged a few. Makes for a nice easy ending to a long day of cachin, but some aren't very satisfying. I've done a few virtuals that make you work for it and prefer those. I can appreciate her efforts though.



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There are quite a few urban micros in our area where you can drive very close to the cache. I think this sort of cache is often fun, especially if the hide is clever. Beats the heck out of extremely easy virtuals in my book. Actually fetching the micro might sometimes require assistance, though, if bending to the ground or reaching up overhead are problematic. A smaller handful are truly accessible from a seated position. I think hiding physically easy but clever micros would be a great idea if your area hasn't got many. Too many 1 terrains around here involve a significant hike. Our own cache is borderline accessible -- a wheelchair wouldn't quite fit, I don't think, and one does need to stand to access the cache container, but the walk is about fifty feet on pavement. Just about everyone who's found it has termed it nifty, so I am proud to say that easiness does not necessarily make a cache boring. I

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if i think there's going to be a chance a cache i'm hiding is accessible, i'll say so in the description. what i'd like to see is a search function and a button on the cache page that will allow people to find accessible caches more easily.


as it stands now they have to wade through descriptions and ask cache owners if a 1 terrain rating really is accessible.


there's been some talk about the handicapped guidelines generator. i think it's a good tool, but i don't use it because i know of fully able cachers who would use the guidelines as hints.


i can'r speak for the people who would have to write the code. would that sort of thing be difficult?


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Virtual caching is not only practical for anyone who may be disabled, but it's an easy way to interest another who finds themself in a 'new' city... for me, it's agile, leisurely and a diverting way to spend a little time....

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