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Help With EasyGPS?

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Maybe this has been answered before, if so I am sorry. I am trying to download (for the first time) several caches that I want to visit to my Legend. The problem that I am having is getting all of the coordinates to download at the same time to my unit. I seem to be getting different tabs at the bottom of the page for each set of coordinates. To download them all I have to manually select each tab and hit "download" for each one. They are transferring fine that way but I must be doing something wrong in order for this to happen. It looks as though I would be able to see them all (that I downloaded to EasyGPS) on one page then hit "download" for all of them???? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and happy caching!


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That's one of the shortcomings to EasyGPS. Each LOC (or GPX) file you open gets put into a separate tab. You can cut and paste the entries from one tab into another, which is what most people who bother to use EasyGPS do. There are other software solutions available without this limitation.



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Another solution is to use GPSBabel http://gpsbabel.sourceforge.net to batch process your .loc files into a single file of your choice (there are many many possibilities).


You could put the following in a batch file or type from the command prompt:


gpsbabel -i geo -f file1.loc -f file2.loc -f file3.loc -f file4.loc -o gpx -F out.gpx


It's a little tedious but if you were in the habbit of naming your loc files the same thing each time, it would be simple enough.


Hope that helps. Happy caching!

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if all the caches are in the same area, just select show nearest caches from one cache, then check off all the caches you want on the search page (you can only do 1 page at a time). You can also do this from any search page at any other time, so if your trying to do a certain area, you can get them 20 at a time. More then 20 and you can select all in one tab and grag/drop them into another to merge them before sending the to the gps. Of course premium members can get up to 500 caches at a time emailed to them with the pocket queries.


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just make sure you're logged in and you'll get the checkbox next to the cache. also, what I do is if the caches involve multiple pages, I upload each group then download everything and save over my entire "library" file for archiving.



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