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Caching on Travel Channel


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The Travel Channel is re-airing the show at 1:00 am.

The show is called "World's Best: Lost Treasure."

It shows Jeremy planting a cache and the Roths looking for it. It was very cool! Good job!

(And Jeremy's desk is very CLEAN!!!) icon_smile.gif



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Thanks for alerting me to the show. I saw it...cool! The cache was Da Vinci's Cable. It's archived now. I was the last one to attempt hunting for it. I tried for it two different occasions...first time, I couldn't find the first part and it got late. Next time, few weeks later, I found it and second part, but hunted for hours and hours for the last part, but recent park brush work "destroyed" the cache location. Jeremy went out there and checked on it and couldn't find it so it was closed.

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I checked the Travel Channel schedule and it also lists the Worlds Best Lost Treasures on Feb. 2 at 7:00 PM (ET). I don't know if it's the same exact program but it likely is. Channels like that tends to repeat programs quite a bit. In any case, I missed the program you are talking about so I'm going to check it out on the 2nd just in case it's the one talking about geocaching.



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I actually stayed up and watched the second show (I had a few hour nap in the evening) and thought it was really neat. I liked the first portion of the multi-cache container. Suspended inside a hollow tree truck with string.


I also found it interesting that both husband and wife carried their own GPS to help aid in the discovery. I'm wondering how long it will be before my wife confiscates mine and I'm forced to upgrade. icon_wink.gif



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I successfully recorded the whole show. Pretty good. One thing that kinda worries me is how many people that aren't into Geocaching are going to look for caches since the cache they found had a $200 gift certificate in it.


The show makes it seem like there is buried treasure (i.e. very high *monetary* value) in the caches.


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I second the concern that Button's made. Anytime I have seen shows that talk about Geocaching, they leave out the part of TRADING items. So every yahoo out there that hasn't heard of the sport, will think they walk away with something that they can retire on. I have had to explain to people that there are not any gold bars, jewels or large stashes of cash hidden away with clues posted on the internet on how to find these things. Other people think the items are buried and that a shovel or pick axe is needed to access it. *sigh*


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And be thankful there is no big money on the line, as one team here on the West Coast started doing. Granted it made the chase more exciting for a couple of months because of the mental gymnastics required to solve these puzzles, but it also turned ugly when the greed factor kicked in. Throughout the last 5 months or so, very little traditional caching has gone on in favour of the big prizes, and not one cacher finding these prizes has traded an item of like value. Let's face it, would you carry something worth hundreds of dollars to replace the money you took? Assuming you were the first finder, and the money was all still there. Yes, it's true. They have now suspended operations, and I can say I am glad because it really made for a bad situation amongst people who were formerly friendly.


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Enjoyed the show, wish i found the cache first lol. When i saw it there was another treasure show on it befor the 10 best was on. I belong to the club in North Ga that had the gold mining information on it. The geocaching was a pleasent suprise when i saw it, as i wasn't expecting it. And i have paid for my metal detector many times over with gold found in the surf at the beaches. I hope it gets more people into geocaching as it sure was a positive for the sport



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