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Flashing Night Cache.


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Did anybody ever try to make a Night Cache? Something with a flashing LED that can only be viewed at night?

Were you successful, what were the difficulties?


...and the next one is in the works.


We set up A Shot in the Dark as our first night cache. It appears to have been well received as it is currently listed as a "Don't Miss This One" on the Chitown Cacher's website. Note that this is not very scientific as only 36 of us have voted...but apparently two cachers liked it! icon_cool.gif


I have started gathering a list of night-friendly and night-only caches that will be formalized on our D³ USA Geocoin01 page. I need to get throught the next couple of weeks at work first.


We purposely made our first night-cache simple. It is an experiment of sorts. The next one will be more challenging. The most difficult part is finding a good park or preserve that is also open outside of sunrise to sunset.



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I didn't try it yet myself, but I did read about one in Ohio called "Night Eyes of Niles" GC7155. They set up a series of "amber eyes" in the woods that lead to the cache and could only be done at night with flashlights. According to the logs, those doing the cache had a lot of fun so I'd say it was a success. If you were thinking about doing a night cache then go for it! Variety is what makes this sport so interesting.

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I have never done one personally, but i had the thought of doing one, and I had thought of using an LED. I mentioned the idea of a night cache to another cacher who was organizing a Geo Campout and was wanted to have a cool cache for the event, and he ended up getting some some dots that hikers use as trail markers. Supposedly they will energize enough in the daylight that they will stay lit most of the night. We have not tried it yet, but it is a little different idea than the others I have seen here.

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A battery (AA 1.5 volts) can power a flashing LED circuit for 6-12 months. It can be done with well under $10 in components (even if you use Radio $hack parts).


Placement is the key to make it not look threatening. The LED should be NOWHERE NEAR the cache container! If you found an ammo box with a blinking light and wires attached to it, would you open it?

You could tie the small circuit to a branch. Place it about 8-10 feet up to discourage tampering.



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Originally posted by Rygel:

Is there any concern that someone will see a blinking LED and think its a bomb?


That the exact reason why I stopped putting all those fancy LED's on my bombs. icon_wink.gif



"Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand."

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ALL caches can be night caches when you have a really great pair of night vision goggles, or NODs as we called them in the Army....lol.


I did a pretty neat one in Challenger Park near Webster, Texas (southeast of Houston) back a year and a half ago by using my AN/PVS-7B's at about 0300 hours one morning. It was a great adventure, but I haven't done another one since, and I have no idea why not...LOL.


I'll have to organize some more night hunting when the kids go visit their mother for visitation this summer.





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Originally posted by Criminal:

Army, hah. __We__ call them _NOGS_ in the Air Force.


I've done a series of mil related Night Caches. Search 98335 or my web page.




Hehehehe, we all know how sensitive the "Air Force" has been to ANY similarities between themselves, and those nasty "Army" guys...LOL, ever since the days of the old "Army Air Corp".


Funny, sounds familiar somehow...."May I have some more eggnogs, please???" LOL.


Good to have something to just kid about in the forums for a change.





"Trade up, trade even, or don't trade!!!" My philosophy of life.

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The Shot In The Dark cache(mentioned and linked to above) by Dad and the Dynamic Duo was great.


Reflectors along the way - you really did need a good powerful flashlight. Also they were not readily obvious unless you were looking for them.


The final stage - a blinking LED at the cache was only activated by a light flashed in the area. Not likely to be activated unless someone actually trying to find it.


Thanks again to Dad and the Dynamic Duo for this one.


As also mentioned earlier - finding a place - especially in an urban area - that is both open after sunset(at least legally) and fairly dark is a major stumbling block in the placement of this type of cache.


This one was fun and we're looking forward to others.



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I've done the Night Eyes of Niles cache previously mentioned... it uses reflectors like those off a bicycle... worked quite well with the nearly one dozen icon_eek.gif flashlights we trained on it (group cache caravan...)


There is a night cache in NE Ohio that uses a blinking light as mentioned. There is a hole in the outer shell of the cachetainer through which the light is exposed. The spot it is hidden in and the location in which it is placed should do a very good job of preventing the cache from being seen by 'non-friendly' icon_wink.gif eyes...


Cache is Founding Father Night Cache. Also found this one in a group (though much smaller than the group at Night Eyes of Niles. icon_cool.gif


Cache well, and see ya round the bend...

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