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Cache Density Champion - I think it's Stockton, California

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Five months after I first posted this thread, I just did a quick check again,

and I believe the heaviest Cache Density for a 100 mile radius is still,


Stockton, California !!



If you can find a heavier cache density for a 100 mile radius, please post it here.

100 mile radius from area code 92880 - 3945!


The winner is: Corona, CA.

If I hide 490 tommorow San Rafeal will beet corona by 1 :D

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I'll jump in with Dallas' numbers from my 75201 (downtown) zip code:


100 miles: 1996


50 miles: 1568


25 miles: 1043


10: 173


5: 73


Really drops off there at the end, huh? Most of the area's large parks, and therefore caches, are in the suburbs 10+ miles away.

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Wow! I wish more people cached in my area. I checked the stats on my zip code (76310-Wichita Falls, TX) and they are:

5 mile radius: 3

10 mile radius: 13

50 mile radius: 25

100 mile radius: 322


I only have 3 that I haven't found in the 50 mile radius. Yesterday I drove 70.5 (as the crow flies) to find 3 caches. I probably would have found more, but my husband wanted to head for home :lol: . I live about 2 hours from Dallas/Ft. Worth, so I could take a longer trip and have more caches than I could ever find.



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My home town of 55760:


100 miles = 17 caches (wow, that many!)


Nearest cache = 7.9 miles


Though I'd have to find fault with the mapping and query. It's not the center as for where the post office is that services it (nor the town that it represents). Heck, the map doesn't even show the intersection of the 2 main highways in the Map This! view.


After I re-centered it and zoomed out, you can start to see some caches...


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The highest I've seen so far is 4046 from 94605 Oakland.  About 40% of this area is ocean.  From my home in san jose, there's 3599.


Just a sidenote, 94605 Oakland will include Stockton too.

Corona is only 20 miles inland, so a large part of that 100 miles is also ocean.

BTW that is zip 92880

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From the Team Madog compound,(near zip 73017) there is 1 cache at 4.6mi (<5mi), 6 total at 10 miles, 18 total at 20 miles (I still have two of them to find), 42 caches at 30 miles, and 315 at 50 miles. Since I normally drive 37 miles each way to work, driving 50 miles for a good cache hunt is no big deal, even in these days of $1.85 gas

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