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Who does your research?

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I try to do my own research. Quite obviously, many people here don't do any research at all and don't even read the FAQ's. I guess it annoys some people to the point that they flame the posters who ask the same questions that have been asked over and over. I just ignore them and let them be answered by those who have no problem helping these people out. Iv'e learned a lot just by "reading the mail" and I contribute when I can help out. That's what these forums are all about. Yes, there are a few "smartass's" here and there are also many who are helpful and actually know what they are talking about. The Internet, the more you read, the more confused you get icon_confused.gif

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I'll run forum searchs, and if that doesn't work Ill pop into ClayJar's chat and ask there. After running down all the ideas (and maybe keywords) from the chat. Ill either give up, or if its really important I might email Markwell and ask "do you know if anyone said this and this?"


Which reminds me... Hey 9Key, is it alright with you if Markwell sends a reply email quickly or should he wait awhile?icon_rolleyes.gif



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