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It depends.


If you're just mentioning your friend's shop in casual passing, it's probably OK... Maybe... Perhaps...it's a real fuzzy area.


If you're mentioning the store's name, address, and phone number, you're obviously going too far.


To be safe, maybe you could get your friend to supply some promotional trade items that match the cache's theme, but don't talk about the store itself in the cache. Everyone would win that way.



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Commercial Caches / Caches that Solicit


What is a commercial cache? A commercial use of the web site cache reporting tool is an direct or indirect (either intentional or non-intentional) attempt to solicit customers through a geocaching.com listing. Examples include for-profit locations that require an entrance fee, or locations that sell products or services.



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Post the coordinates to the shop and say boats are available there. I have seen caches that have mentioned nearby restaurants and shops that have been approved with no problem. I doubt the guy is going to suddenly get rich off of the flood of geocachers to your cache. Then again what did you say was in it? icon_biggrin.gif


A day without sunshine is like ...night.

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