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Magellan prizes

Dru Morgan

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I emailed Promotion Mechanics and Amanda from Magellan/Thales, asking what the breakdown of the Grand Prizes were - i.e how many of each prize were going to be given away, but I never heard anything back. I was under the assumption that all the Grand Prize coupons would be placed in a drawing after the September 30 cutoff to submit them. I guess, since Dru Morgan already got his SporTrak Color, that they are just randomly sending out Grand Prizes as they receive Grand Prize coupons.

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People! You saw how long Magellan took to respond to a thing like the PA fiasco? Do you honestly expect a timely response to an e-mail? Although when the CT cache went plundered they did finally fix the page within days.


Cache you later,



So many caches, so little time.

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I noticed the hat coupons get mailed to San Francisco while the grand prize coupons go to 'Westlake Village, CA'. Ironically, Promotion Mechanics is here in CT! They say to allow up to 8 weeks for prize redemption, so I wasn't expecting to see/hear anything before December!


(I'm just hoping not to win the NE Fall Foliage tour!)






PS: For those who emailed requesting a list of winners, you'll have to wait for the contest to end and prizes be awarded!

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I mailed in my coupon weeks ago, right after I got the FTF on the Moroccan Treasure. I sent it certified and got the receipt back in about two days. I don't know if they waited to get them all in before choosing which prize I got.


But, the Daily News called me for an interview, so somebody there knows that I won.


stealyourcache.gif Ever notice how anyone that caches more than you do is a maniac, while anyone that caches less than you do is an idiot? -Dru Morgan

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Like Dekaner, I found a SporTrak Color on my doorstep at home yesterday. The letter inside the box made no mention of any of the other prizes.


I did get a response from Magellan to my "what's going on" email. It said:

Letters notifying winners should are being mailed this week through the following two weeks.

Winners will also be posted on the website within the next week or two.

Thank you for participating in our contest.




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Originally posted by Team GPSaxophone:

Maybe next time they'll put one closer than 400 miles from here


http://www.texasgeocaching.com Took sun from sky, left world in eternal darkness http://mywebpages.comcast.net/ihazeltine/bandbass.gif


I heard you still managed to get a hat out of it, although no caches were even close to you...that's pretty slick caching there, bub... icon_wink.gif

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Originally posted by JetSkier:

What's up with Treasure at Thieves Isle? The web site says they gave 5 grand prizes for that one treasure! Anybody know anything about that?


Apparently, the cache had multiple Grand Prize tickets in it by mistake. Magellan honored all five.


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The Brazilian Treasure in Pittsburgh also had multiple Grand Prize coupons - after Sir Cache-A-Lot took his for being FTF, I ALSO took a Grand Prize coupon. Cache-A-Lot was standing right next to me when I pulled it from the pack and I showed it to him! I still haven't gotten my Return Receipt from when I mailed it. I am curious to see if Magellan awards the same prize for me that Sir Cache-A-Lot was awarded. Is anyone else missing from the list of prize winners???



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Thanks! I'm really excited. and SOOOO ready for that vacation. I still haven't received any letter, and never did receive delivery confirmation (although after I reported that to the post office the post office called me back and said they had contacted the recipient and they said they had received it), so was beginning to wonder if I'd ever see a prize. Sandy beaches, here we come. icon_cool.gif



Springfield, MO


Originally posted by cachecrazies:

Just saw the list - and Ravenbrk,a member of the Ozark Mountain Geocachers, won the 3 day trip to Hawaii!


Way to go, Ravenbrk!! Congratulations from the group!

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I received my Return Receipt on 9.15.03 and also got a phone call from Bear Advertising. After explaining that there were TWO Grand Prize Coupons in the Brazilian Treasure, the young lady I spoke with said they would get back to me about what I had won. Yesterday, my name showed up on the prize page at the Magellan site saying I had won a SporTrak Color - I can't wait for it to get here.


Does anyone else think it is strange that Magellan/Thales/Bear Advertising started awarding prizes BEFORE the cutoff date to submit your Grand Prize Coupon? I would have thought they would have waiting until the deadline to submit your coupons (9.30.03) and then put them all in a drawing. Guess that's not how they did it - like it was pre-determined which treasure would be awarded which prize...

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