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GPS capable of accuracies of 10 to 15cm

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Check out this news brief:


Thales Launches New Truly Global Positioning System, Business Wire, May 5, 2003


Thales has launched a new generation of decimetric Differential GPS (DGPS) positioning systems, offering the oil, gas and hydrographic industries new levels of accuracy and quality of service, with no range restrictions from reference stations. SkyFix XP, available from Thales GeoSolutions, the world's premier global offshore services company, is capable of accuracies of 10cm in the horizontal and 15cm in the vertical domains, surpassing accuracies and quality standards previously experienced in the Differential GPS marketplace. Certainly the most accurate system available today, SkyFix XP draws on a completely new technique, known as Satellite Differential GPS (SDGPS), using the existing global network of Thales reference stations to track all satellites continuously throughout their orbit, generating reference-station-independent correction data. This fully dynamic, highly accurate and completely reliable correction information, available for any location regardless of proximity to a reference station, makes the system truly global, with no range restrictions, representing a major breakthrough for the industry.


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"Draws on a completely new technique, known as Satellite Differential GPS (SDGPS)" icon_confused.gif. Well SkyFix has existed since 1990 and has been a Satellite based correction system since then. This is simply an extension of that initial system, which had an accuracy of sub 2 metres within 2000+ km from a reference station of which there are about 50 worldwide.


As with any GPS, accuracy will cost and SkyFix will cost more than SkyFix/Premium. All require a decoder, a yearly subscription and to get 10cm from XP requires a dual freq receiver. Not even close to a conventional handheld at this point.


Satellite differential isn't something new as there several other companies (like OMNISTAR )that provide a subscription service as well. WAAS is even a SDGPS system.


Accuracy costs icon_smile.gif


Cheers, Kerry.


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right - i was talking to a guy who does a lot of mapping and he mentioned omnistar - i think he said the handheld to receive that was something like $12,000.


10 feet will do - and as there aren't any trees here in tx, 10 feet is about what i can get...




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