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You write the caption (Feb 24)....


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The Two Thrones


Dificulty: #1 or #2, depending on cacher


Terrain: Slippery, potential biological wate area.


Description: Located in the valley of the Johns beyond the mighty Yellow river, The Two Thrones is a often visited place. In the shadow of the Loo mountains lies this scatogorical wonder. You may be flushed with excitment upon finding this cache, but don't be surprised to find it occupied, with a line streched around the site . Please be careful of the LOG book, as it may be hard to grasp.




Blue Water

Pink mints

One tiny sailor and small boat

Sears catalog


Logged visits


TMAN264: Found it!


Visted twice this morning, and finished chapter of Lord of the Rings on first visit. Took nothing, left much. Paper was too thin to record visit properly. Last cacher left seat up.


Will cache for food.migo_sig_logo.jpg

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The Indiana Department Of Natural Resources will

be "forced due to budget cuts" to provide only the

above restroom facilities in any of it's new

construction at all of our State Parks. We hope

the public will understand and "bear" with us

through this tough economic time.

Thank You



Exploring the world,,,one Cache at a time !!!!!

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#1: Nancy is happy that she finally found an example to meet the requirements of the "Two Johns Outside, One With Wooden Seat, In Front of No Trespassing Sign" locationless cache. After spending 9 days and $500 in travel expenses to find this, she agrees with Jeremy's moratorium on new locationless caches. She will agree even more later in the evening, when she logs in to discover that BruceS beat her to the cache just ten minutes earlier.


#2: Nancy is smiling now - but she won't be in a few seconds, when she realizes that, once again, she forgot the ordering of the steps for proper toilet use, and accidentally put (3) and (4) before (1) and (2): (1) Lift Lid. (2) Pull down Pants (3) Sit down (4) Use it.


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Originally posted by georgeandmary:

Originally posted by Cache Canucks:

"...George convinces Mary to pose for yet another of his 'You Write the Caption' photos..."



Good one, but we use a magellan.





Pedal until your legs cramp up and then pedal some more.


"...George convinces Mary to pose with a borrowed eTrex Vista for yet another of his 'You Write the Caption' photos..."





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