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What's your favorite flashlight?

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Streamlight Scorpoin or Stinger are both excellent lights. The Scorpoin use's two 3 volt batteries which aren't cheap but the light is only about $40. The Stinger is one of the brightest on the market and only 7.4 inchs long. It comes with a rechargeable battery and charger but will set you back about $80. Both are aircraft aluminum so they are strong with a lifetime warranty on the body/switch. I've never had a problem with any of my three Stingers, the light is blindingly good and they've all been dropped more than I care to remember. The only drawback is the bulbs come with spares but after that you need to order from a speciality store. (i.e. law enforcement, outdoor) This link will take you to a dealer: http://www.streamlite.com/locator.jsp

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The mini Mag Lite is an all time favorite. Durable, water resistant and a good, adjustable beam. It's been around for a long time, so there are many accessories available, like holsters, headlamp adaptor and I've even seen a plastic bite sleeve for those who hold it in their teeth while using both hands.


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L4 Lumamax - 5W LED - 65Lumens...is that bright enough? Although the lifetime is similar to the Xenon counterparts, unlike Xenon, these LEDS have a bulb life of 10,000 hours whereas Xenon is usually 3 hours (approx 3 battery changes).



There are also 1/10 the power LEDs which offer 100,000 hours lifetime. It is nice to have a two lights. I use the Energizer LED headlight for walking around or for utility and then a Scorpion or Inova X5 as a mini-spotlight.


Streamlight has the Twin Task models that have Xenon and LED.


Tactical sizes use the Lithium batteries. The TT-2L is about the size of the Inova X5 with 3 LEDs for several hours of usuable light output and then the Xenon for 72 Lumens of light.


I wish they made the twin task with the Luxeon LED (like the 5 watt L4 Lumamax or 1 watt Task Light 3AA) and then I would never have to worry about the bulb and have two power levels.



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My favorite one is the one I find after finding 2 or 3 in the drawer that won't turn on for some reason......


In all seriousness - for caching I prefer my 10 LED light, but at home I prefer my 3 D-Cell MAG.



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for night caching, I mostly use an Inova X5 but also carry a Streamlight Scorpion for times when extreamly bright light is needed. If I used the Scorpion all the time, I would go broke buying all the batteries, even when they are this cheap. Besides, I don't see a need for a 6,500 candlepower light, while just walking through the woods.


The Inova X5 is several times brighter than a mini-Mag, lasts at least 10 times longer on a set of batteries, is smaller, (much) stronger, and you don't need to carry a spare bulb.



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I love my mini-mag 2AAcell flashlite. I've carried the same flashlite for almost 20yrs. {the black paint is almost worn off} and use it daily at work. Off the job I carry a Eveready squeeze lite. If I wanted a beam lite for nite caching I would use a 2 or 3 cell D batt Mag-lite. If you want it for protection, get the 4 cell.

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I've had a dozen maglites and minis, then I got a very bright pelican xenon flashlight. Out of my 3 headlamps, I like the Rayovac 3-in-1 Sportsman headlamp because of its versatility, size and best of all...the price which is under $15. Features compare to more expensive Petzl and princeton tec models. Here's a link:

Rayovac Sportsman


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Originally posted by GeoVet:

Speaking of flashlights, is there a conversion factor for lumens to candlepower, or visa versa? Or is it like gauge and caliber with guns? Just curious.


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Pretty much NO.

I think you could go from CP to Lumens, but not the other way around. Lumens is the measure of the light output whereas CP is the measure of how hot the spot is.

here is a link:




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Maglites...what can I say about them, except that they aren't they are lived up to be. Especially the mini maglites. That's why they are so cheap. A regular sized maglite is ok for around the house and a mini is ok, for very low use, but neither one is for extensive use. I don't know how many I've gone through (especially mini's) while working in Law Enformcent/Corrections. I ditto the streamlights. More powerful too.





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I went night caching a few weeks ago with a group and found I needed a good flashlight. So I searched out this one. Next time I'll be better prepared! icon_smile.gif


When picking my flashlight I wanted several things.


1. LONG Life (LED's are perfect here)

2. Bright enough that I can see what I'm searching for.

3. Use the same batteries as my GPS & Camera

4. Hands Free!


For that reason I chose Petzl MYO 3 Headlamp


I has both a Xenon bulb as well as a Three LED light. The Xenon light is focusable from a pin point spot all the way to flood.


Sure there are brighter headlamps, they are also more expensive. $45 is not to far over the top for a decent flashlight, and it uses the same AA batteries that I use for my camera and GPS, so my Car-Charger can just pull a little extra duty.


I've only used it a couple times but so far I'm happy.




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Originally posted by SuperAlpha:

L4 Lumamax - 5W LED - 65Lumens...is that bright enough? Although the lifetime is similar to the Xenon counterparts, unlike Xenon, these LEDS have a bulb life of 10,000 hours whereas Xenon is usually 3 hours (approx 3 battery changes) <snip>

This statement got me to thinking--this is a very short time for a bulb. Perhaps you mis-stated, but I contacted the SureFire company and asked about bulb service life. They replied:

Dear sir,

We expect to get 20-30 hours out of our bulbs. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to write back or call us at 1-800-828-8809. We are dedicated to providing world-class customer service and welcome future inquiries or comments.

Stuart Yager

Technical Support

This sounds much better at 20 to 30 battery changes instead of 3.



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I also have a Surefire G2, and it's a great light at a good price. Like the 6P, it can be equipped with the P61 lamp - which turns it into a seriously bright light (brighter than any other 2 cel lithium light that I'm aware of, but with only 20 minutes runtime). In fact, it looks to me like the G2 can be accessorized more than any other light in it's class that I'm aware of.


If I could fill my wish list. I might pair up my E2e with the Inova X5, so I could have a long-runtime light that is just as light and durable, and uses the same batteries.


Or - I might prefer the Streamlight Twin Task 2L, and have both in one light (though not as bright as the E2e). But I'm waiting to actually try one of those to decide if I would actually like it better.


It seems to me (and at this point, I can only surmise) that the Twin task 2L might give the best all-around service, with regards to price, size, quality, and capability - at least, as far as non-tactical lights.


Give me a little time to squirrel away the money ("...for another flash light?!", my wife screams), and I'll hopefully have an answer to that.


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A few years back I stepped into LED lighting and will never look back. After field testing (night cache testing) dozens and dozens of LED lights, a few always are at my top of the pick list.


By far, the most used and most technically advanced in it's class is the Arc AAA. I keep it hung from a neck lanyard, it's always ready. This digitally regulated light is used as a benchmark against which all are compared. It has yet to be beat. I love my Surefire L4 but the Arc LS premium is still my favorite. I use the 2 AA battery tube with NiMh's. My third favorite light is the NewBeam conversion for the Mag. It's very efficient and long lasting.


I do own Most every light listed in all the posts in this thread and the above are my top picks. All the above lights are digitally regulated to squeeze every last drop of electron out of a battery without dimming all while providing a bright pure snow white light. A dim yellow mag can never compare.


I find it best to bring a light from two different classes. First, a dim wide flood that won't cook your low light vision. Second, a bright tight flood/loose spot to reach out used only when needed. We need to see 180 degrees, from side to side. Tight spots do not fit the bill. The bright spot tightens your retina thus shutting off all peripheral vision.


The ionova X-5, streamlight 4-AA, and streamlight 3-AA Luxeon are fine mid level lights but they can never compare to the top three. The twin task line is fine, It's just that LED technology has surpassed incandescent sources since the introduction of the luxeon star emitters. There is no longer an excuse for burned out light bulbs or dim yellow hot spots. I used to be one that was impressed with the old mag...that was until I saw the light!


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What I use:


Petzl 'Arctic' high beam headlamp.

Back up lights:

Pelican 'Super SabreLite' (very bright)

Maglite 'Mini-Mag' AA flashlight.


What I am considering purchasing:

Petzl LED/Torch combo headlamp with 5 LEDs.


I'm also considering making my own headlamp with 10 LEDs. LEDs barely need any energy to illuminate. The trade off is in 'in your face' brightness.


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This is the flagship light at our house. We haven't used it too often for night caching-that's reserved for the 1 or 2 million CP Vector lights in our arsenal. We also learned that our local fire department finds it useful, as a member picked ours up from our coffee table after our last fire, thinking it belonged to another department. We DID get it back, well used, yet somewhat smoke damaged and water logged. There have since been 5 such lights donated to the department from a team of local cachers. The 1 millions seem to last longer, and serve us quite well for night caching.




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Who needs flashlights when you got NVGs? Ha! Actually I don't; just thought I would say that.


here are some possibilities though.


1. Candle. On those all too common occasions where you need exactly 1 candle power, you're golden.


2. Super Light. A vehicle headlight, powered by a couple or three or four motorcycle batteries in your backpack. Yeah it's heavy, but you'll be the envy of everyone around. Alternatively, bring a generator and wire it to one of those big lights that they use at stadiums. Handheld daylight!


3. El Cheapo plastic junk flashlight. <-- what I use most often in my room, my car, etc.

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I've been a big fan of headlamps ever since I took up kayaking several years ago and discovered how much I enjoy night paddling. I have on old Pezl incandescant headlamp that I've been wanting to upgrade, so today I stopped at Mountain Equipment Coop and picked up a Princeton Tec Yukon headlamp. It has 3 high output LEDs and a single Xenon bulb, depending on your needs at the moment.


At our latitude, there is about 7-8 hours a day of usable daylight in the winter so, unless I restrict my caching activities to weekends, I think I will get a lot of use out of this puppy.


To augment the headlamp, a few weeks ago I picked up a handheld 1,000,000 candlepower BFL powered by a 6V rechargable lead-acid battery. While it only gets 20 minutes of light from a charge, it really does turn night into day. I don't recall the manufacturer, but now that I've used it a few times and talked to others with similar, but lower powered 500,000 candlepower BFL's, I would probably go for the lower powered unit as it has 3-4x burn time.





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Originally posted by MrMom:

.....By far, the most used and most technically advanced in it's class is the Arc AAA...... Geonavigating since 1991


How was their customer service?

I placed an order 2 days ago, and didn't even get a "thanks for the order - this is what you ordered" E-mail that they promised me on the checkout page.



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Wow, just when I thought my wish list of Techy toys couldn't get any longer. Some of you have invested quite a bit of time and money into your flashlights. 4 D cell Mag has served me for years, can't recall ever wishing it was brighter than it is. Also good for wacking Fellow cachers on those FTF races. icon_wink.gif


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Originally posted by Johnnie Stalkers:

.....4 D cell Mag has served me for years, can't recall ever wishing it was brighter than it is..


Yeah, but I can't take my Streamlight SL-20 on an airplane any more. The tiny flashlight is for personal use, if I get caught in the dark without a light. (It seems to happen a lot.)


My CamelBak has 2 lights for caching and that is enough.



Not all those that wander are lost. But in my case... icon_biggrin.gif

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