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What should we do...team names almost identical?

Guest GeoMonkeys
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Guest GeoMonkeys

Here in OZ another team has started up cache hunting recently,using the same name as us, but spelt diffrently, they are also using the same "calling card" as we do ( a barrel -of-Monkeys Monkey).

So Im afraid that there will be some confusion as to which team has done what, and where, this is good and bad for both teams. Any suggestions?

Now I dont want to get into a " we started first, its our name" type argument, do we have some form of copyrite to our team name, and cache calling cards etc?


I have emailed them , and as yet no reply.



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I think you have teken the correct first step - talk to them about it. You could merge into a large barrel of monkeys, what could be more fun? :^) Or you could arrange to make your calling cards slightly different - you use only blue for example and they use only red ones. Or you could switch to bananas to feed their monkeys. It could be kind of a competition/game inside the game to get to caches first.

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GeoMonkeys, I don't think the Oztralia or the world is ready for another GeoMonkey,especially if it has another Oz-digga in it. hehehe I think it only fair that the new bunch change their name.

BTW I enjoy your webpage!


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