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World Trade Center Bombing

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A killfile is a term that comes from UNIX usenet readers. When you don't want to see posts from a particular person you put their name/email into your killfile file and your usenet reader ignores them.


In Outlook Express you click a message and them message->block Sender. Of course in OE it is stored in a registry , which means it's a pain to take with you or mass update.


I have mentioned before that it would ROCK if these forums had nntp access. I'm using alt.rec.geocaching more and more these days because it is nntp.


As for killfiles, the only problem is that you see posts discussing things that you don't understand because they were started by someone in your killfile and therefore you missed didn't see their post.


Regardless, these boards don't have killfiles... now if I could hack together a proxy.cgi that would look for the table tags and the poster name and ignore them that way.... awww too much work. I guess I'll just have to keep using the scroll button on my rodent.



Mobile Cache Command

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Why bother to go to the site to enter the coordinates? It took me about 20 seconds to open my mapping software, zoom in on New York, point to the WTC area, and get ''40.71166° north, 74.01251° west'' to appear on screen.


Silly people.


"If a boy has enough intelligence, he ought to go into the ministry, except that if when he enters college he is given to carousing, drinking, and wenching, then in that case he should enter the law." - Harvard Student Review, 1796

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Don't underestimate these "silly" people - over 3,000 people are dead!


Having a single coordinate when you're planning to hit 2 different targets doesn't seem very smart to me. You're not considering bad weather with little or no visibility. Each terrorist was probably pre-assign one of the two towers so both would be hit. Therefore each terrorist "pilot" would have had a different coordinate. Remember these buildings were roughly 200-250 feet wide on a side and 150 feet separate from each other. Also, they were obliquely set from one another making them even further apart. If the weather was foggy, they would have wanted the coordnates centered on the side they were going to fly into. Therefore, it would make sense that one of the terrorists got GPS readings at the buildings. Remember, they knew which direction they were coming from. They could have had the cordinates for all four sides of each building in case their "flight plan" was changed in flight. That way they could use a specific coordinate to "center" up exactly on the building they were assigned too if the weather was bad.


Mad, yes, but not silly!



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Umm. Guy's... this whole weather thing is BS. AFAIK the pilots didn't go so far as full IFR training and even if they did, a properly executed attack would have required clear visability. That said, you'd have to assume that someone stood on the ground nearby or in a hotel nearby and made a go/no go call just before the flights took off.


Anyways... Jeremy, this is way off topic now isn't it?!?!



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We may never know the exact plans of the attack; after all the terrorists directly involved are dead.


My main point was to not underestimate people who are dedicated, patient, sacrificial and resourseful even though they might appear unsophisticated in their means.



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Just because information is available (freely or otherwise) does not preclude the appropriate security measures being in place.


I don't sell Saddam Hussain the materials for a nuclear device just because they available from other sources.

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Originally posted by MACpa:

*Racial Profiling...*


To ensure that we Americans never offend anyone -- particularly fanatics

intent on killing us -- airport screeners are not allowed to profile

people. They will, however, continue to perform random searches of

80-year-old women, little kids, airline pilots with proper

identification, Secret Service agents who are members of the President's

security detail, and 85-year old Congressmen with metal hips.


Let's pause a moment and take the following test:


This proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the ACLU is completely right,

and that we should never use racial profiling -- even though it would

easily save thousands of American lives.


I would agree BUT, you forgot a few examples:


-The bombing of the Maura Federal Building in

Oklahoma City


-The bombing of Abortion Clinics across the US


-The assassination of OB/GYNs performing Abortions


-The assassinations of John Kennedy and Abraham



-The assassinations of Martin Luther King and

Malcolm X


-The 1963 bombing of a Bapist Church that killed

for girls


-The Boston Tea Party


-Vandalism/destruction of Mosques in this country


Why not consider these acts? Domestic Terrorism is a nice neat way of splitting hairs. Acts of Terror whether committed by someone with an Arabic accent or a Midwestern accent still has the same effect. The government and the media are trying to sidestep that by using the label "Domestic Teerorism"- all that means is some "citizen" rather than some "foreigner" pushed the button.


BTW, there is a LOT of profiling done in this country on a regular basis. Some of it has nothing to do with fighting terror.

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