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A question about which Palm to get.

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I just became a premium member last week and I want to use the pocket queries. I plan on getting a palm for this. My question is which is the easiest to use for this and what other software do I need to do this. I'm looking at a Sony clie, it has 16 MB of RAM and can be expanded. This is the only thing that this will be used for. Thanks for any help.


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If you are ONLY going to use the Palm for cache pages, I suggest you go to eBay and look for a cheap used one. You can probably get a Palm IIIxe for about $50 on eBay.


Once you have the Palm, you'll need a couple of free programs. I really like using gpx2html, along with Plucker.


Fizzymagic's gpx2html takes the GPX file you get from your pocket query, and creates a set of indexed cache pages in html format. Plucker then takes these pages and puts them on your Palm (or if you are running PPC, you can just copy the html to your pda to be read with your browser). The really nice thing is the index that gpx2html creates. The index can list your caches sorted by name, ID (forward or reverse sorted), or distance from locations you specify (VERY handy). It also can display only caches with TB's or those that haven't been found yet.



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I went with the Pocket PC route and think I got more bang for the buck. You can pick up a new Dell Axim for $200.00, for the basic. Or go all out and get the 400mhz 64meg model for a little more. All you need is one program to view the GPX file.GPXview


Use MS pocket streets and make pushpins for cache locations using a simple export command in GPXview. Works out real nice for me.





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If you're anything like me, you'll find you use it for more than just caching (I use my Palm in ALL aspects of life).


I'd recommend the Palm OS over others (and the $50 eBay route is highly recommended, although new ones are now down to $100ish), but if you use it for more than caching, GET ONE WITH A MEMORY CARD FOR BACKUPS!


I can't tell you how many friends have lost data 'cause they're lazy about syncing it. I have a memory card in mine and back it up before each battery change (nevermind syncing it to the computer)..


Hope this helps,




PS: I use my own software for caches (as I run an Amiga and don't subscribe to PocketQueries), Quo Vadis on the Palm for mapping, Hint Decoder, and more...

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Wife had a pocket pc. I'm using it for the queries now. The GPXview software is great and easy. I was going to buy a Palm, but she is going to get one. Her work is behind times and they can't support the pocket pc, but they can the palm. There is also some software that she wants to get that they only make for Palm. Sounded like a good deal to me! It's a hp iPAQ Pocket PC h1910 with a rechargeable battery. Hasa 200 MHz Intel XScale Processor, 16 MB NAND flash and 64 MB SDRAM (46 MB user accessible). Also has an SD memory slot. The screen is in color (16 bit) and has an LED backlight.




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I myself use a Pocket PC now also. The Toshiba, had a jornada before hand but busted the screen. I prever it over the Palm, I have used the III, IV, and the VII, I found the Palm OS and software very limited, and always required extra programs to convert to my pc files. With Pocket PC, no extra programs. My excel files stay excel. (basic ones) Not to mention Word, Access, Project. I use my Pocket PC so much more that I bought the Keyboard when I had the Jornada, sadly wasnt compatible with the Toshiba replacement, and the Toshiba doesn't have a keyboard. icon_frown.gif


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Excel Files I currently use.


Waypoints. Has a list of waypoints/Cache names/Lat and Long.


I have an excel File that has a list of sites I go to that require loon and passwords, so I dont have to remember them all.


Another Excel file for my bank account.


And a 4th for keeping track of mileage on my jeep, gas. oil changes etc.


Stunod. my Toshiba was an earlier version. I resort to using grafitti, and have gotten much better with it.

Plus I am looking to get a new one anyways, that is faster and bigger, and better. Gotta have the new gadgets. not some old outdated ancient 3 yr old equipment. Hehehe


I bought a GPS. Now I get lost with style.

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As said before, if you are using it for strictly Geocaching (with maybe a schedule and some addresses), by all means, find a low end Palm or Visor running Palm OS. Make sure the OS is 4.0 or later to save any compatibility woes.


If you think there is any possibility you might start using it seriously at home or escpecially work, buy the most you can afford, again with Palm OS. I have had a Palm III, IIIxe and IIIc and now use a Sony CLie NX70V, which when it come sto GC means I have a camera right there for a quick picture. It carries a price of about $499 but check EBAY. If you want to run something like SPreadsheets, you probably want to get something with at least * megs ofmemory (recomend this anyway)


The downside with the Palms I mentioned is they do not use a memory card. I think all the Sony models do and at least some or all of the Visors. Visor is almost like buying a Palm since it is the same guy who created it, just added some missing bells and whistles and found a way to produce it somewhat less expensive.


Warning: A lot of people go the low end route and find themselves upgrading 8 months to a year later. Shouldn't be a problem if you only dropped $50 to $100 to get started.

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ok i appreciate all the advice i think i'm going to get the clie for this. i found one @ bestbuy for $129. i think this is a good way to go it has the memory card and should be able to do what i plan on using it for.


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ok after a little more research the clie is $129.99 before a $30 rebate. so that would make it $99.99. i think this is the best way to go. i get a new unit with the warranties and it should work for everything i want to do with it. what do you think?


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I have a Clie SL-20 and am VERY happy. I can change batteries in the field. This has proven to be very handy when I am on the road and away from anywhere I could plug in a cradle to recharge. The B&W screen is easy to read in bright sun at the beach. I bought it for $90 and with the $30 rebate it was $60. In fact, I bought two and gave one to a family member. The IR feature allows me to beam files from one to the other. I bought a memory stick to back up my data. This was a lifesaver when I put my batteries in backwards (don't ask) and lost all my data. I just inserted the memory card and loaded in all back in less than a minute.

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I have become Palm-Dependant and have virtually every bit of my life's data in my Handspring (RIP). I came to enjoy being able to use it with all the geo-cache data. It was really handy when I borrowed a GPS device that you could use with it. I became enlightend on the dangers of this when I was forced to bush-whack to a cache and found myself with hundreds of phone numbers, ideas, note etc. in an environment hostile to electronics that were not designed for such punishment.


I've since returned the unit and I'm back to relying on the trusty Magellan unit. I still use the handspring to reduce the paper consumption but I leave it in the van when I'm after the cache.


When I am forced to upgrade palm devices, I suppose I'll dedicate my Handspring to geocaching. And THAT is my point: If I was going to purchase one for use with the sport I'd invest the bare minimum in a base model Clie or something similar and not get terribly attached to it incase something happens in the field and I'd reserve a better model of handheld computer for the rest of my life's stuff.


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Originally posted by Geo Fool:

I went with the Pocket PC route and think I got more bang for the buck. You can pick up a new Dell Axim for $200.00, for the basic.


I went this route and love it. If you go this route and later down the road want to try out something mapopolis, this full color unit is very well suited for it. I wouldn't do palm if you're going to spend more than $130.



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Well let me add my 2c as well... ;-)


I originally bought a Sony Clie (can't even remember which model). It was nice, BUT, I returned it. I paid in more $$$ for a Palm Tungsten T rather. I'm not sorry I did. The Tungsten is an awesome unit!


PocketPC or Palm. That's like the whole Apple Mac - Windows debate that just goes on and on and on and on...


The reason I went with the Palm OS unit was there just seemed to be so much more software available for the unit compared to the PocketPC, although the PocketPC has the advantage of being so much more compatible because it runs a Microsoft OS, etc. But, I've had no problems with the Palm OS. Putting it next to an older Palm you can definitely see it's MUCH faster.


Also, whatever you do, you want to get a colour screen. Yes, you do! icon_smile.gif It just gives you so many more options that you can do. Maps come out looking like maps. I think all new units are colour though. Some have low-res screens so check out and make sure you get one with a decent resolution.


If you are buying new, make sure the store has a return policy so if you find out you'd prefer a different model (for whatever reason) then you are able to return it and get a refund or get a different unit.


Once you start using your Palm for Geocaching you'll start adding other applications and start using it for other little things you do. Eventually you'll wonder how you ever did without it! icon_smile.gif


I think what you should do is make a list of units that you are interested in and then search the web for reviews and read those. Some stores (like in Canada go to FutureShop.com) have a place where actual customers have made comments/reviews on a product.


The Tungsten T that I have came with some good software. I have no problem working on or shifting Excel or Word documents around. I can even create PowerPoint presentations on the unit. (And if I had a special little device I could plug the Palm into a digital projector and run the presentation like that. But I don't need to do that.)


If you are into water sports like maybe kayaking or sailing then there's another little app that can give you the tide almost anywhere. It's also useful for when you are sailing cause it can give you tide current speeds at certain places. Really useful!


Wow, I could go on and on. You need to find someone you know who has a unit and ask them to show you the unit and then you play around a bit with it. Play around with different units. Then decide. Good luck!

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When I had to choose between a Pocket PC and a Palm here is what I learned and what skewed me.


The palm OS is more stable and Palms in general go farther on their batteries. They have a ton of software.


The Pocket PC had better mapping software which was why I wanted to get a PDA. Specifically you needed the Pocket PC to run pocket quad maps on a par with National Geographic Topo.


The thing that skewed me was Grafitti. I hate losing my screen real estate to a permanent area to write in. The Pocket PC's area slid that and the Pocket PC could read my writing which by itself is amazing as normal people can't.


Perhaps palm fixed the isses that skewed me, or I just didn't look at the right unit. True to form though the pocket PC sucks batteries and I know and use my "Reset" button often.


Regardless of which you get, if you really use the PDA to a large extent of it's abilities it doesn't take long to realize they are indespensible.

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Originally posted by Pathfinder & Cowboy:

Are there any that you shouldn't get ?


Yes! One w/o a card slot that you can backup too. Having used my TRGPro (Palm-device) for a few years now, it happened a second time, it musta' lost battery contact while I was climbing to a cache or something, I turned it on to the "get started screen". Two clicks later and I was restored and hadn't lost anything but two cache logs from the morning.


Although Palms almost never have problems, users sometimes let batteries die or something similar--if there's a card slot (as newer Palms all do) you can back it up without syncing to a PC.


All I can say about PocketPC's is everyone I know who bought one doesn't use it, the majority of my peers use their Palms daily. (I use an Amiga [non-PC] computer, so the Palm is perfect for me, the HUGE amount of software is wonderful too.)





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