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European GPS (Galileo) gets green light

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'...The U.S. regards Galileo as a challenge to its superiority in space technology and argues that it duplicates GPS...'


Reading that I could not find who wrote the article. Is it a challenge to our superiority? Nope.


Does it duplicate GPS? Yup.


I heard they are going to charge for it's use anyway.



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Well the US system should be under going a upgrade around the same time (2008). I wonder what the accuracy will be for the US system after the upgrades (also you have to pay to us Galileo, where the US will remain free)?


Wyatt W.


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GALILEO doesn't really duplicate GPS as much as it will complement and be interoperable with it as well as being independent.


Control of GALILEO will be performed by civil authorities and in that alone are some real possible problems in the future.


Their is certainly a Commercial Service (encrypted service for fee), which is quite distinct from the Open Access Service, which is equivalent to the GPS Standard Positioning Service mass market applications.


The GALILEO single frequency Open Service 95% accuracy is 15 metres Horizontal and 35 metres Vertical so for this overall more accurate tag some need to define things a little better. All these 1m claims with qualifying the accuracy is rather misleading.


Galileo Dual freq accuracy (and Safety-of-life service) will be 4m Horz and 8m Vertical. GPS civil dual freq accuracy will reportedly be around the 1.5m mark.


GALILEO frequencies are different to GPS and also different to GLONASS and similar with many of the made but never released GPS+GLONASS receivers there will not doubt be a GPS+GALILEO receiver, maybe even a GPS+GALILEO+GLONASS receiver if the Russians get their act into gear?


Cheers, Kerry.


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