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Geocaching chat


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To post another poll to torque people off that take this stuff way to seriously..


I was going to post a poll to see if everyone liked my poll about polls.


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I would participate if I knew how. I would participate even if I knew what you were talking about. Theres a chat about polls? That seems weird to me.



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Freelens, exactly what "information" are you gathering about chatters, and how are you planning to use it? I already gave you my social security number and mother's maiden name, just like you asked for in the chatroom. What else do you need? I'm starting to get really torqued.



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Originally posted by Ramness570:

None of those option fit why im not there. I work every Monday night!


This Isn't rocket science...



There are people there 24/7.... if you consider brdad people. There are people from all over the world. Maybe not all but it is definately international in nature. Stop by anytime.


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Originally posted by ClayJar:

In case anyone still needs the info:



- or -

_#Geocache_ on _irc.freenode.net_


(Note to advanced chatters: You can also join #Geocaching, the kinder, gentler, on-topic-er channel if you're less into general conversation and would rather chat just about geocaching, but there aren't always people in that one.)


great I can access it from work! and even better that there are regulars there all the time!


This Isn't rocket science...


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