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Numbers Mean Nothing or This Is Not a Competition

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Originally posted by Web-ling:

Number don't matter - to some people. They do to others. What's great is that those of us who do like the friendly competition can have it, while those who couldn't care less can ignore it.


Originally posted by Steve Bukosky:

What I did say elsewhere is that these hunts are not true geocaching as there is no cache involved! I suggested that perhaps they be treated like hunting benchmarks and kept seperate from true caching regarding totals.


Steve Bukosky N9BGH

Waukesha Wisconsin

I personally like the competition. I also agree with Steve that the stats should be seperated, because there IS a difference between Locationless caches and other cache types. I'd be a lot MORE likely to hunt Locationless if the stats were seperated. For that matter, why not divide up the stats for ALL types, then provide a total at the botton of the list, including benchmarks? Those that don't care about stats can still ignore it, and those of us who do will have more ways to compete...




There are lots of different kinds of caches. Sure, locationless are different. And so are virtual. And so are multicaches -- because of the stages. And so are event caches -- because they're events, not caches. And so are puzzle caches -- because you don't know what you're getting into. And so on for ever.


If you start subdividing, you'll end up with a category for each class of cache, and another one for each level of difficulty. that's currently 5x5x7 kinds of caches...

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