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off-topic topics

Mr. Snazz
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I think we should applaud them.


I see nothing wrong with interesting topics.


How much memory space do off topic threads really represent?


What's wrong with just ignoring them, and reading the ones that interest you?


I posted an on-topic thread, and I thought it would be interesting, but it died quite quickly.


The of-topic threads seem to be the ones people enjoy, so why restrict them?


How many bytes does a message thread take up?


Now, if you are referring to hijacking a thread, in some cases that is rude (not so much when a thread just evolves into more than one subject running in it)

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Originally posted by Mr. Snazz:

What should be done about off-topic topics? Should users who post them get a warning, and then get their forum privs revoked temporarily? Or permanently?


Off-topic topics waste valuable resources, time, and can even incite anger when things get heated....



How about an off-topic forum? Wait.. that's already been suggested and IIRC, shot down.


I'm curious how "valuable" the resources being used are, though. I don't buy the wasted time thing, as it only takes a second or two to decide whether or not a topic interests you - I do it every day. So what resources are being wasted, and what's their value? If disk space is an issue, I can send you a spare 4gb SCSI I have lying around - that should be good for a few thousand heated off-topic discussions. icon_biggrin.gif


I really do think that an OT forum is warranted. The users clearly want one and there's no harm in having it. More than anything, it would bring the geocaching community closer together as they'd be able to discuss other common interests without fearing reprisal from TPTB, and I think that most would agree that friction between the users and the admins is something we could all do with a little less of around here.


Anyhow, my two cents. 'Night.



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The best way to eat cabbage is Cabbage Rolls! Just the saurkraut kind, no tomatoes please. And only make them in the fall/winter when the cabbage is yummy. And with pork, not beef. Gently warmed, lotsa butter & salt & pepper...'scuse me, lunch time.


"Thank you for calling Mom's Travel Service. Guilt Trips our specialty. Where would you like to go today?"

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Originally posted by cool_and_the_gang:

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Does any body really care . . . about time?


"Now may every living thing, young or old, weak or strong, living near or far, known or unknown, living or departed or yet unborn, may every living thing know happiness!"


CTA 1969




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Originally posted by sept1c_tank:

Does anybody _really_ know what time it is?


http://www.keenpeople.com/components/mystats.php?userid=sept1c_tank&vopt=user&txtdata=Who%20Cares?&bgcol=ffcc99&fgcol=003300 bad_boy_a.gif



===============_"If it feels good...do it"_================


**_(the other 9 out of 10 voices in my head say: "Don't do it.")_**




It's 25 or 6, to 4


I work for the QOFE that works for the Frog

tongue.gif The Frog is my friend big_smile.gif

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