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THE GEOCACHE EXCHANGE: International Trading

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There's one in Nordic and one in All Nations already. I would hate to add more and be called a 'spammer'.


However, that raises an interesting point; if you were to SEEK a trade partner in another country, would you be justified in posting a thread in that countries forum?


I tend to ignore the 'Where's in a Name' threads because they show up in Canada so frequently asking for coordinates somewhere in Nunavut; I guess I just don't want to see geocache exchanging relegated to some place of annoyance. NOT that that cache itself is the annoyance, it's just that it needs a specific section to allow it to go to it's full potential. There's another similar cache I can't recall right now. Plus there are other similarly themed (international) caches like Sister Cities etc...


Put 4-5 of these together in one place, and folks may find a bonanza of international interaction.

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;) I live in North Carolina, USA. I am planning a trip to Finland this summer, probably in July. I could perhaps act as a carrier both ways if we find two other cachers who would be interested in this. My name would appear nowhere, I'd just be the go-between.


By the way, I have received surface-mailed packages from Finland in five days. It usually takes 10 to 14 days instead of the 4-6 weeks the post office tells you.

:o The U.S. postal service recently got rid of the small package classification for mail. As a result it is very expensive to send a package that weighs only a pound or two, a heavier box is much cheaper relatively speaking.

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I am the American partner in a dutch cache exchange. I've received the dutch cache and am ready to ship my cache to the Netherlands. Our theme is based on Yellowstone park, but we're a bit buried in snow at the moment so I can't hide the dutch cache just yet. Hopefully I can get it placed later in the month.


I'm looking forward to an ongoing exchange of trade items as we attempt to keep the caches stocked. The American cache (Yogi's winter retreat) is a classic ammocan cache filled with Yellowstone tourist stuff and the dutch cache is a tupperware box packed with ceramic (wooden) shoes, Heinekin regalia and other dutch items.


As a twist, I'll be adding a stack of pre-addressed yellowstone post cards to the dutch cache for finders to mail a note to Michael, the dutch cache owner.


This has been a fun twist to geocaching and I hope to do a few more.

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I'm the one involved in the US-Dutch geocache exchange with BadAndy. Below I've posted a couple of pics of my cache (The Dutch Yellowstone Cache) and some of its contents which BadAndy will hide close to Yellowstone Park.

I think the exchange idea is great! I hope more geocachers will get involved in exchanging geocaches. As far as I know, BadAndy's cache will be the first exchange cache in the Netherlands (if in the mean time someone doesn't beat us to it). It would be fun if in the future I could go and hunt for exchange caches placed in the Netherlands by others, caches from all parts of the world. Being the first exchange cache and all, I'm expecting BadAndy's cache going to be hugely popular among the Dutch geocaching community.

I also think that BadAndy's postcard idea is really great. I will add a stack of pre-addressed/stamped Dutch cards in his cache also, for Dutch geocachers to send their personalized notes to BadAndy.

I'm also thinking, wouldn't your own exchange cache be a great goal for one of your own travel bugs! Wouldn't that be something if it would reach the cache someday!

Like BadAndy says, we will attempt to keep the caches stocked with trade items. This will keep the caches interesting and the exchange will be kept really alive that way. It's also a nice way for both persons involved in the exchange to stay in contact.

I'm really looking forward to receiving the Yogi's winter retreat cache and to our future trade item exchanges. And I'm looking forward to having my own cache hidden close to Yellowstone Park, an area I've always been fascinated by.





aka Johny Cache

JC's Geocaching Page







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I sent a couple of travel bugs to Berlin with my geocache. I am having a blast following their travels. Nebraska Travel Keychain is making the rounds of colleges and universities in Berlin and the Husker Travel Beetle has just completed a trip to Lutherstadt! Viewing these photos has been a lot of fun. (Feel free to look these TB's up)


Once again, congrats on a good idea!

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I would like to trade international geocaches with someone! I am in North West Kansas, USA - the cache poor area (for now) but that is about to change. I have 2 caches ready to place within the next week in our area.


If anyone is interested in trading, I have a small ammo box or medium ammo box size ready to be paint and filled with Kansas/USA goodies. Will also have a travel bug to hitch a ride in the cache! I could have the cache ready to go in a couple of weeks.

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Anyone outside Europe willing to exchange caches with me? If you're interested, please contact me.


Yours, Captain Morgan, from Finland

Tried to PM you but the special characters in your name prevent it.


Have you found an exchange partner?

Sorry for late reply, saw your question only now. Yes, I've made a deal with Doc-Dean who lives in Florida.

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Here's my cache contents just before sending the cache to Doc-Dean.




Aarikka shot class, moose rack, TB Snufkin, kuksa (wooden mug),

Finnish flag - toothpicks, hankies for kids, reindeer,

Moomin keyring, Finnish flag sticker, wooden eagle pin,

wooden butter knife,

Old 1 Finnish mark banknote from year 1963


All Made in Finland :)

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Hey Zuuk!


I just now figured out your email. I will make up a very Snooganesque trade for you. The essence of Snoogaliciousness. Make sure our mutual friend logs this one, but make her hunt for it. I'm into evil hides with cool views.


Send me an address. I have a twist on this trade that you might like.


Sn :blink::D gans

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Sorry for the wide pic, but there was so much of this great stuff in canadazuuk's container that it took this much space on our sill. Note: not everything in the picture are contents of the cache. :rolleyes:




The cache's hidden today. Just need to make a description page and have it approved.

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How could I have JUST found this thread!?


I would love to do this. Would prefer to trade just contents to save on the shipping and intrusive customs inspections.


I live in San Jose, California and these are our sister cities:


Dublin, Ireland

Ekaterinburg, Russia

Okayama, Japan

Pune, India

San Jose, Costa Rica

Veracruz, Mexico

Tainan City, Taiwan


Of course I'm flexible so I'd be willing to trade with other countries or cities in these same countries or what have you.


Also, I work for the City of San Jose so I can dig up all kinds of unique stuff.


If interested, please email me through geocaching.com. :rolleyes:

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I have just started the discussion for a cache exchange with a cacher in Scotland.


The interesting thing (well, it is to me anyhow!) is that the other party is an American living in Scotland while I am a Scot living in the US.


Dunno what will be in the caches yet coz we have just started the process but it really struck me as a neat twist.


Her cache will be placed in Pa. while ours will be somewhere in the Edinburgh area.


More details when it all happens. :P

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I've finally got my cache finished. I've looked high and low to collect all sorts of American memoriabilia and chachies. I also included a couple of gifts for my trading buddy. A personalized pen and a geocaching stencil to decorate his ammo can and other geo-containers. I did not paint the ammo-can myself b/c I don't know into what type of area its going to be hidden.


It will shortly be sent off to Captain Morgan in Finland.


Contents include: A cloth US Flag, a few US flag stickers, USAF stickers, multiple buttons and pins, interesting pens, a viewfinder with local animals found in Florida, drink coolies, a meatloaf CD, a new TB being released, a CITO container, and 2 different types of calculators for first and second finders.


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<BR><IMG SRC="http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/log/68d9704a-1c86-47e9-97f4-3eb1ce2160a9.jpg"> Contents include: American flag, 'libery' mini book, Tom Clancy novel, Hummer H2, '64 Corvette, Fire truck, N. American plane, assorted American flag stickers, bandannas & pin, Coca-Cola Logbook, Kodak mini puzzle, American flag pencil, Yankees baseball, Yankee Bobble head, and some other typical trade items, including 2 travel bugs. <BR> <BR> As you can see the container is an ammo box. One side is camo the other is hand painted with the American Flag & Australian Flag.<BR><BR>Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-<BR>I took the one less traveled by,<BR>And that has made all the difference. <BR>Because now I am Lost.

Well after 5 months we finally got our respective caches in the mail.

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Catalan Spain cache sent to Nebraska. It will arrive next week.


I was shamed when the post officer said me that i had to describe the content of the package :unsure: so that the security agents don't have to open the package thinking that it can be a threat.


I advise you to think how to describe a geocache before send it.

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I have just started a new cache for an international exchange -- with a geocacher in Amsterdam. The cache will collect signature items from south Florida geocachers between now and July, and then go to Amsterdam, where minimally it will be hidden and the Lat / Lon provided to the Dutch cacher who can place it and get it registered as a new cache. Then we all (who put in signature items) can watch to see who takes them. If all goes well, a similar cache will come back to Florida.

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Further updates:


One of the travel bugs I sent to the cache in Berlin is now in Denmark, the others are in Germany and the Canary Islands. The TB I sent to Spain is in Barcelona. Neat to see how far these bugs can go.


BlackyV tells me that the replacement items for the destroyed Berlin cache have arrived.

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I would be very interested in participating in an international cache exchange. Would anyone from Italy, South Africa, or New Zealand be interested? We did the cache made by Divine and sent to Canadazuuk before it was pillaged....it was a cool thing for the kids to do.

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This seems like a fantastic idea! Would really spice up the contents of local geocaches, we're up for helping out! Anyone interested we're on the sunny south coast of UK and putting together some caches as we speak!


Everywhere we go "hmmm, would a cache be good there?"

Everywhere we shop " hmm, would that fit in a cache?"

Everywhere we are "I wonder if there's a cache round here"

Everyday we're at work "I'd rather be geocaching!"

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