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Age and sex of cachers

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Well, I voted 31-40...I'm 39 but Mr. Lost is 43...tried to change it to 41-50 since we're gaining on those ages, but since i voted once????? Just didn't accept it...we're somwhere in there! Great post! Have always wondered about this ourselves! icon_biggrin.gif


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a cache.

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M - 33

W (wife) - 32 (and she doesn't scrapbook)

MiniMagoo #1 (male) - 7 yrs.

MiniMagoo #2 (female) - 5 yrs.

MiniMagoo #3 (female) - 3 yrs.


That makes me an average age of sweet sixteen again icon_wink.gif . right? icon_biggrin.gif

And females predominate here....


Wherever you go, there you are.

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