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Organized Group Hunt for BruceS 1,000th Find

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Some of you may know or have heard of the prolific geocacher from the midwest - BruceS. He is nearing his 1,000th geocaching finds. His goal is to reach that mark within 333 days since he started hunting caches, which computes to an average of about 3 caches found PER DAY! It is no wonder he is called an 'ATM' because he is truly a 'cache-machine'!


BruceS has graciously allowed us to tag along

with him on his 1,000th find. He has tentatively

chosen July 28th (Sunday) as the day and Onondaga

S.P. as the cache (this is SW of St. Louis on highway 44).


These plans may change, so if you'd like to join us for the celebration, as well as meet other geocachers from the St. Louis area, keep up to date with the latest information at:



We will add more details to the event calendar as we get them

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Thanks for posting the link, alchemist or I never would have seen that posting by BruceS.


That cache technique is amazing. I tip my hat to the organization level and planning because I do not have that skill, patience or fortitude.


BruceS, I wish you smooth hikes and a light pack.


No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. E Roosevelt

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Congradulations BruceS on your upcoming 1000th find!


I had the pleasure of meeting Bruce when he whizzed through Nashville and made a quick stop at the Middle Tennessee Geocachers Club meeting. He was nearly out of breath and only had a short time to hang out since he was on a quest of finding all the caches in the surrounding area. I was very honored to have him choose my cache (Hadley's Bend) to be the last one he found before leaving our town.

Cache on Bruce! All of us here in Middle Tennessee are rooting for you to lead the way to those BIG numbers.

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